And Again…

At Christmas, my SIL innocently requested a pair of pajama pants for her birthday.  There are a couple of things to note here:

1.  She obviously knows my tendency to ‘get right on that project’.  This is evidenced by the fact that today, is in fact, her birthday.  Today is also the day I have finally started this project.  I cannot say she didn’t give me ample warning

2.  My SIL loves these pants because I pre-shrink them.  As a woman with a 28″ inseam, I cannot quite appreciate the dilemma of having a 32″ inseam and being unable to find (and keep)pants that fit. However, my Goose has a 36″ inseam, so I can sympathize.

So, today I finally got onto this project.  Not to be confused with a seamstress or anything any close, I offer you this evidence:

Please note very carefully the big, bold letters “very easy”.  If it doesn’t say this, I probably ain’t doin’ it.

I have been making her pants for a few years now (and just about everyone else on the planet who doesn’t actually know what good sewing looks like”.  However, I decided to take the bold move of using a new, more feminine pattern.  I had been using a unisex one, and decided it was time to branch out.

But not too far.  Let’s not get too crazy here.

Out of the package of a bazillion pieces, I actually only need two pattern pieces.  I am planning on using the pockets from the other pattern here (whoa!) and meshing the two designs together.  Quick, call the fashion houses!  I’m on a roll.  Actually, I have to do that since I know she loves pockets in her pants and I was not astute enough to notice that this new pattern doesn’t have pockets.  Doh!

Here is my faithful helper.  With snacks.  Always important.

For anyone who has ever tried to stuff a toy and it’s packaging back into its box, or bedding back into its bag, I offer you proof that patterns are no different.  Seriously, who puts this stuff together, leprechauns?

This is the material I am going to use.  Take a good, hard look.  It may be the last time you see it look this beautiful.  I’ll let you know how it all turns out.  In about 2 months.  When we finally get together to celebrate SIL’s birthday, thus giving me lots of time to procrastinate on this project, too.

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