A Little Help For My Friend

A few weeks ago, before the gastrointestinal bug of the century hit our house, an old high school classmate of mine, Mel from Serafina and Stella, sent out a request for someone to make her a half apron for an upcoming trade show.  It was in something like 6 weeks.  That would be plenty of time, I thought.  So I brazenly sent her back a note.  Sure, I could do it.  Bring me over the fabric.  Besides, I’d be visiting The Master Seamstress at some point during that time period.  She could probably do it in her sleep.

A couple of weeks elapsed.  Life happened for both of us.  She and her three girls; I and my three crazies.  Husbands, jobs, blogs, laundry.  Poor thing.  When she got a chance to drop the materials off, the stomach flu was at its zenith in our house.  She is made of tough stuff, that girl.  I am surprised she came through the door, let alone stayed for five minutes.  I’d have dropped that bag on the door handle and ran.  Fast.

Mel brought me over some very snappy fabric and ribbon.  I don’t know that I would have been creative enough to come up with the combination myself, but I did love it.

I started with a pretty cool Butterick pattern.  It falls in the ‘easy’ pattern category.  Good thing, too.  Mama’s skills aren’t that advanced.

The Master Seamstress had stopped by on the weekend and helped me get the material all cut out and gave me several valuable pointers for assembling the apron.  Her first tip was to use double-sided adhesive to secure the ribbon in place and then sew it down permanently.  Aside from forgetting to turn the steam off on my iron and therefore burning my fingers, it worked very well.

This is kind of what it should basically look like.  You can see it now, right?  I thought so.

These are the ties.  Or will be the ties.  The print is such that I actually stitched wrong side to right side at one point.  Thankfully I noticed before extensive ripping was involved.

Here it is, all turned right side out and pretty.  Notice the handy dandy seam ripper, always at the ready.

Things are getting closer now.  I used the very scientific and precise soup-bowl-laid-on-the-fabric method to achieve rounded corners where the original pattern designers had not thought to include such a detail.

And now for the slightly mind-bending waist band.  Put it on the right way, sew it the wrong way, turn it back the right way and presto.  Got that?  Good.

And look at that, would you?  I actually managed to do it!  Unstinkin’ believable.

And it works, too!  The ties come back around front, as requested.  There are a total of five pockets, including a centre one for pens and two for cash and order pads.  The others?  They are specifically designed to hold gum and other life necessities.

And there you have it.  Ready in an afternoon.  Very cool.  And if you are in the market for some gosh darn cool accessories, go check out SerafinaAndStella.  If you need an apron, well, I could possibly be persuaded.

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