Chocolate Bird Nests


I found this little ‘how to’ recipe in the spring Kraft What’s Cooking magazine.  While originally designed for Easter, I think it would be perfect on any spring table.

Begin with a box (8 squares) of baker’s Semi-Sweet chocolate (the red box, not the blue one).


Microwave in large bowl until almost melted (about two minutes) and then stir until completely smooth.


Grab yourself about two cups of chow mein noodles.  Before adding them to the chocolate, you have a choice.  Leave the noodles whole and gently stir them in.  Or, if you want to make smaller nests, break them in half first.


I left mine whole to make larger nests.


I shaped mine into six larger nests, using about a palmful of noodles each time.  This part is not for the faint of heart.  It is messy.  But clean up is definitely part of the fun!


Chill them for about two hours or so.  They will lose their glossiness once they are solid.


Add in some Mini-Eggs and voila!  Instant bird’s nest.  I think these would also be great baby show favours, placed in a Chinese take out box, nestled in some coloured grass.  Or name card holders for a spring meal.

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