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Recently, the folks over at Quantum Finish invited a few of us to attend a webinar about using your dishwasher.

Right…, I thought.

I need that like I need another hole in the head. I mean, I’ve been loading a dishwasher for years, right?  Are we reinventing the wheel here or something?  What more can there be to learn about putting dishes into a machine, throwing in the soap, and turning it on?

Turns out, for not the first time that day, I was wrong and I learned something new.

Here, in the briefest of terms, are just a few of the things I’ve gleaned from my friends at Quantum Finish.

1.  80% of all technician repair calls to ‘fix’ a dishwasher are, get this, not really about the dishwasher.

2.  Pre-rinsing is very much unnecessary with today’s machines.  There are a myriad of reasons not to use good drinking water to rinse food gunk.

3.  Dishwashers typically need 120 C water to operate.  A combination of distance from the tank to the machine, government mandated anti-scald valves, or even just setting the tank temperature lower to save money, will all contribute to poor dishwasher performance.

4.  Under the kitchen sink is the second moistest place in the house, and the worst place to keep powdered detergent.  Powdered detergents are designed to start working once they get wet.  Putting it all together – chunking the clumps of dishwasher powder into your machine is pretty much a waste of time.

5.  There are two types of cleaning agents:  enzymes and bleach.  Enzymes like the lower temperatures, typically found at the beginning of the wash cycle, to break down protein (eggs, cheese).  Bleach works best with the higher temperatures at the end of the wash cycle, to finish taking off stains and such.  However, bleach will kill enzymes if they come in contact with each other. Quantum Finish has both types of cleaning agents, separated by a nifty little wall, so they activate at the right time.  Another random fact?  The wall is made of the same stuff that surround fish oil and Vitamin E capsules.

6. Finish RinseAid lowers the surface tension of water, causing it to roll off dishes and dry without spots.

7.  Quantum Finish does not contain phosphates and has not since 2010.

8.  Unfortunately, the lack of phosphates means a greater build up of deposits in your dishwasher, again meaning poorer performance.  This is where Finish Dishwasher Cleaner comes in.  It flows through your machine, cleaning out all the bits and pieces you don’t normally see, and letting the water flow better and your machine to work at top performance.

9.  The foggy build up on your glassware is called etching.  To tell if it’s permanent, rub some white vinegar on it.  If the glass clears up and stays that way, it’s hard water build up and a better detergent should significantly improve your dishwasher results.  If the fogginess comes back, it is permanent and may be caused by poor detergent, hard water, or poor quality glass.  A rainbow effect is the result of lower quality sand being used in the glass making process.

10.  Want to see for yourself?  My friends over at Quantum Finish are giving away two boxes of Quantum Finish tabs to one lucky MBA Mama Musings reader.

To enter, simply tell me which of these facts you found most interesting/surprising and leave it in a comment here, along with your e-mail address.

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