Dempster’s Farmhouse Country White Bread #review & #g!veaway

Dempster’s new Farmhouse Country White Bread is soft, fresh, and dense enough to stand up to your heartiest sandwich creations.  Need proof?  Look no further than the following photographic demonstration.

Dempster's Farmhouse White Bread

This is the bag you are looking for in the bread aisle.  A little shorter than the other loaves perhaps, but absolutely packed with soft, slightly sweet deliciousness.


Turkey on Farmhouse Bread

Load on the meat.  I mean real turkey here – no plain old cold cuts here, folks.  This bread can handle the turkey dinner left overs.


Emmental Cheese on Farmhouse Bread

Slice on some good Emmental cheese – the kind that’s so firm you need a vegetable peeler to slice it.

Portobello Mushrooms in Frying Pan

Sautee up some lovely mini Portobello mushrooms.  Be sure to use real butter.

Mushrooms on Farmhouse Sandwich

Carefully arrange the still hot mushrooms on top of the cheese.  Pile it high – this bread can handle it.

Bacon on Farmhouse Sandwich


Drizzle it with a smoky BBQ sauce and top it with some freshly crisped bacon.

All Ingredients on Farmhouse Bread

Take a moment to admire your tower of deliciousness, all supported by the Dempster’s Farmhouse Bread.

Finished Farmhouse Sandwich

Place the second slice of Farmhouse on top, slice, admire briefly, and fully indulge.

This bread would also make a fantastic base for French Toast, either traditional or Victorian.  It’s smooth and slightly sweet texture would also make a nice complement against a spicy guacamole or tangy cranberry chutney.

Want to try some out for yourself?  Sure you do – and have I got the contest for you.

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