Schneider’s Lunchmate + Fruit Perfect Babysitting Food Alternative Review & G!veaway

Do you ever get tired of ordering pizza in for your babysitter?  Or secretly fret about your babysitter need to use the oven or stove while you are out?  Schneider’s Lunchmate + Fruit are a fantastic answer.



The 2 Cheese Pizza ones were on sale and looked like they had the greatest potential for photographic brilliance, so I grabbed three.  You can also get ham, turkey, or chicken with cheese and crackers.


Contents of Pizza Lunchmate +Fruit

Inside was everything needed to make one of their most favourite foods in the whole wide world – pizza.  Even the spoon is included to eat the fruit cup.  If you collect the LunchmateClub codes like I do, you will want to note that they are on a piece of paper inside, not printed on the outside wrapper.


Table Setting

We decided to go real fancy and get out real plates for the kids to use.  Truly, we spare no effort.

Kids Preparing Lunchmates Pizza

With the containers opened, everybody set about to make their very own pizzas.  They were all actually quiet for a good five minutes.

E1 Preparing Pizza

Since no food review is incomplete without shots of my children, they each graciously decided to pose, rather than prepare their food.

E2 Preparing Lunchmate Pizza

Perfect cheese placement takes a great deal of concentration.

E3 Serious About Pizza

Trying not to laugh at daddy and his camera.

Uncooked Lunchmate Pizza

There is plenty of both the mozzarella and the cheddar cheese for all three pizza rounds.  Ditto for the sauce.

Cooked Lunchmate pizza

We chose to microwave ours, to put them to the ultimate babysitter-type test.  The crust was not ideal, but still highly palatable, especially for my crew.  The rounds did not go soggy as would have been expected.  They definitely would have been better in the oven, but if using the oven without an adult around is not what you or your babysitter have in mind, the microwave still creates a good pizza.


Closeup of Lunchmate Fruit

The fruit was a huge hit with E3 – if it contains pineapple, he’s in. To keep the fruit fresh, the containers are filled to the brim with juice.  To avoid a sticky explosion, Goose and I opened the containers and removed a bit before giving it to each of the kids.


Thumbs Up For Lunchmate + Fruit

These Lunchmates + Fruit definitely got the thumbs up from our kids.

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