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Like so many people, we no longer live within close proximity to our family and friends.  And while pictures of Goose and I aren’t necessarily thrilling, photo updates of the four Es help keep everyone connected, year to year. can help you craft beautiful photo cards that your loved ones will want to keep for many years to come.

To be honest, I have gotten a little distracted, searching through the website, admiring the many unique products and designs.  What I think I appreciate most, however, about their Holiday Photo Card selection is the option to include a number of photos.  Most other shops offer only a limited number of photos on each card, and limit our ability to show our children’s true personalities.  At, there are cards that offer up to NINE different photos on a single card – certainly enough for each of our children to shine – individually and as a group.  According to the website, there are 79 different cards that feature three or more photos.  Now I may have a problem choosing which one!  And who knows, maybe this year, Goose and I will end up on the card!

Some of my favourite card styles:


Christmas Blossoms Holiday Photo Cards


And this one, that offers the option of adding in some of the year’s highlights (shortcut to the family newsletter!)


Here's to New Year's Photo Cards


Or maybe this one, I have a bit of a thing for chalkboards:


Or possibly this retro film-style one.  Simple and classic.

Photo Booth New Year's Photo Cards


I invite you to have a look around and look through their cards and the huge variety of other offerings, all designed by artisans from around the world.  And while you are at it, have a look at their Facebook page for regular updates and specials.  They offer a truly unique set of products that will be cherished by your loved ones for years to come.


Disclaimer:  I received product in exchange for this review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions here are my own.

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