Wishing for Spring–Remembering @CanadaBlooms

The promise of spring is in the air.  Logically, I know it’s coming.  Last week was unseasonably cold.  This week started out much better.  Today, however, my beloved weather man told me that I might see flurries this afternoon.  Say what?!?  E1 and E2 went to school in winter coats and rubber boots, with hats and mitts tucked into their backpacks.  We only have one week left in April – aren’t things supposed to be warmer than this?  As an old friend’s mom pointed out to me recently, her bridesmaids carried parasols and wore sandals in the snow for their end of April wedding – it is just not a month to be trusted.

So, with all of that in mind, I thought I would reminisce a little about our trip to Canada Blooms.  The climate controlled indoor environment was magically perfect for every living thing in there – including us.  Please enjoy!

Hanging glass vases and white flowers illuminated by blue light

This fantasy-type display greeted us as we entered.

Indoor waterfall and greenery

Indoor waterfalls always draw me in.  Maybe it is because I grew up near Lake Erie, I am not quite sure.

Two tiered chocolate and green cake made out of flowers

One of the specialty competitions this year was making a cake out of flowers.  This is just one of the entries – looks good enough to eat.

Green and purple orchids

I do not know the name of this orchid, but I want one.  Badly.

Rainbow of coloured pots on a wall

This would be an awesome way to organized just about anything, I think.

Miniature garden display with bench

This would take a whole lot more patience and skill than I possess.  Absolutely beautiful.

Watering can sitting in front of empty wooden window pane

Wouldn’t this scene be awesome replicated on canvas or as a painting?

Orange and yellow tulips

I believe these are called VanEck tulips.  Whatever they are called, they are making me long for my own tulips to bloom.

Up close shot of Hellebore

The flower of the year this year – the Hellebore.

OK, that’s enough for now.  I will now return you to your regularly scheduled April weather.

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