Extreme Front Yard Makeover

Front yard full of rocks and weeds

This is our front yard.  Or at least it was a couple of weekends ago.  The yard slopes down towards the sidewalk as well as facing the afternoon sun.  Last summer’s drought-like conditions, coupled with our region’s watering restrictions and my general disdain for spending money watering the grass, meant that whatever grass was originally growing there really didn’t have a hope.  What was left of the original sod rolled up like butter – there was no root system AT ALL.  Come to find out, we are infested with grub.  Groady little white vermin that are eating my yard alive.

Boy digging in grass

Everyone had a job to do.  Even though this space is only about 20’X20’, the ground is extremely rocky and dense.  Plus, that’s why we have four children – to distribute the work load.

Three children removing dirt

Safety gloves are very important.  Safety shoes maybe  not so much.

Little Boy Pushing Wheelbarrel

E3 can actually move this wheelbarrow.  And he did.  Not far.  But he proved his point.

Front boulevard re-seeding

We ended up re-seeding the boulevard in two stages.

Front boulevarde reseeding beginning to grow

I blame the torrential rains and flocks of birds for the spotty grass.  It’s a good thing I am not hiring myself out as a seed sower anytime soon.  Not sure I would last long.

Yard in front of house being landscaped with rocks

This is how far we have made it.  Or rather, since Goose and the boys have made it (hey, someone had to bake the cookies and take the pictures).  The plan is to make an oval mounded flower bed in front of the line of large rocks and fill the space behind with perennials.  We are going to extend the gravel path the branches off from near the front steps in a curve down to the sidewalk.

Row of small boulders in a front yard

Before I go, however, I really need to tell you about these rocks.  Small boulders really.  The area of town we live in is extremely rocky.  Perhaps that is why the farms around here tend to be livestock and not cash crop operations.  Each and every one of these rocks was hauled into our yard by Goose and the boys.  Using a small trailer borrowed from a neighbour, an old fridge dolly, some ratchet straps and brute strength, each of these stones was hauled from the empty field next door.  He kept hauling these behemoth boulders and I kept the coffee and cookies coming.  We make sure a beautiful partnership.

At any rate, things are at a bit of a stand still for now.  See all those pots, turned on their heads? Being weighted down with stones?  That’s because we have a frost warning in effect.  In fact, yesterday, on Mother’s Day, it snowed.  Yes, snowed.  My family and I take full responsibility for this phenomenon.  Any time we get together to celebrate Mother’s Day, the weather is bound to be inclement.  We expect snow.  Clearly, we don’t like to disappoint.  So, things are hold for a bit.  Here’s hoping the upcoming long weekend will be a productive one.

Stay tuned for updates.

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