Front Yard Makeover–Update

The front yard is coming along nicely.  Since my first post, we have been keepin’ on keepin’ on.  I think having this project sitting out in the front yard where everybody can see it definitely motivates that git’er done factor.  Nobody wants to be ‘that neighbour’.

Re-seeding grass on a suburban boulevard

We now have about half a boulevard of grass.  Not only did the second half of the re-seeding get started later, but we also received a torrential downpour that washed a great deal of the seed away.  We re- re-seeded this weekend and we’ll see how it goes.

Rockery and flower beds with holly bushes

Our community participates in a green bin program.  All that lovely organic matter is composted and is then free for local residents to pick up.  So, pick up we did.  I say ‘we’ very loosely.  It was more like Goose and the older boys taking the truck and M & A’s trailer to get some.  I will vacuum out the truck – again.  The holly bushes in the upper bed are actually from our half circle bed up near the front step.  The lilac was crowding them out, as well as the snowball.  Moving them also gave us a chance to arrange them a little better.   The prince now sits between the two princesses – here’s hoping for a little more even pollination.

Gravel path beside raised flower beds and rockery


We widened the path that had been marked out from the front walkway and continued it down to the sidewalk.  The gravel is from the empty lot next door (as are all the rocks, with the exception of the very large ones).  E2 and the other little girls in the neighbourhood helped me with this project while Goose and the boys picked up the compost.  It’s not all coffee and crumpets around here.

This next weekend will probably be the last big hurrah for the front yard.  I would love to say we will be ‘finished’ with the front yard, but we most likely will not.  In my experience, gardeners are never really ‘finished’ – they just run out of daylight.

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