Extreme Front Yard Makeover–Final Edition

We spent a good portion of last weekend finishing up the front yard gardening and putting in the garden in our back yard.  We had to get our hustle on – M & A’s trailer was double booked. We really look into finding an app for this sort of thing.

Another neighbour needed it around noon.   Yikes.   I made a few phone calls to locate a rototiller.  The big box stores were not overly accommodating, I must admit.  Do you have a rear tine rototiller?  No?  When will it be back?  You don’t know?  Can I reserve one?  No?  I just have to keep calling until it shows up and hope it’s still there when we arrive?  Um, no thanks.  I stumbled upon a great local rental place, however, and the problem was more than solved.  Reasonable rates, helpful employees, and flexible pick up and return.  If you are in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and looking to rent almost any sort of equipment, I would say Stephenson’s Rental Services is the place to go.

Flower beds terraced with large rocks

The rototilling began Friday night.  Goose made a quick flight to Stephenson’s and picked up the rototiller and began in the back yard.  He also managed to pick up a partial load of compost from our local dump before being kicked out.  While he rototilled, I shovelled.

Multiple front flower beds terraced with local rocks

Our dump (or waste transfer station, if you prefer), opens at 7 am on Saturdays.  By the time the kids and I were eating breakfast, Goose had returned with as much compost as he could fit in the trailer.  The dump worker was giving him the evil eye about taking so much, but let him get away with it.  After breakfast, E2 went with one of her neighbourhood friends to swimming lessons, while Goose took the older two boys. to their swimming lessons.  As a complete aside, have I mentioned how much I love this neighbourhood?!?

Porcupine grass and blue fescue in a flower bed surrounded by rocks

While everyone else was gone, E4 and I shovelled our little hearts out, unloading the entire trailer load of compost before everybody got home.  This would be the one particular time when I was thankful for an unseasonably cool spring day.  I was sweating in 6 C weather – I cannot imagine how long it would have taken me or how much bodily fluid I would have lost if the weather had been at all seasonal.

Re-seeded grass growing on a boulevard

This half of the reseeding is struggling, but slowly coming along I think.  This cool damp weather has been a real blessing.  Grass loves cool weather.

Raised bed vegetable garden

What was left of our sod ripped up ridiculously easy.  This picture was taken after a sudden torrential downpour, so things look a little washed out.  The open-ended ice cream containers are to protect my tomato plants from the pesky birds, as well as the late spring frost.  We have gone with some relatively easy to grow items as a starting point this year, as well as choosing to grow some of the more unusual varieties of common vegetables.  The way I figure it, carrots and potatoes are relatively inexpensive to buy.  And we do not really have the room for a lot of vines, so there isn’t much point in growing pickling cucumbers.  Likewise, I have planted some heirloom and regular eating tomatoes, rather than Romas for canning, since there isn’t room enough to plant enough anyways.

The neighbourhood kids came over to help plant the seeds and plants.  They have been over on a regular basis to check on the garden’s progress.  Somehow, with all that help, I managed to NOT get the parsnips planted and forgot to pick up radish seeds.  I will have to see to that soon.

Tin plates on a stick to scare away birds

This is our make shift bird scaring contraption.  We are apparently out of string and twine, so duct tape and zip cord/tie wraps it is.  Yes, Goose and I watched MacGyver growing up.

In the end, the rototiller was returned and the neighbour had the trailer in time to haul his stuff up to the cottage.  That night, Goose and I crashed into our bed and absolutely did not hear a thing until Sunday morning.

Disclosure:  Stephenson’s in no way compensated me for mentioning them in this post.  I just think they are a great company to work with.

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