When My Girl Is Away

Today, I would normally post a phenomenal, single photo of some amazing event that occurred during the last week of our life here and label it ‘Wordless Wednesday’.

Not that life here isn’t amazing every day.  Or that each and every single moment of our day isn’t filled with sunshine and laughter and rainbows and unicorns.

And let us not forget fishing toys out of dirty toilets, removing food from the floors, ironing mountains of clothing, and chasing the rapidly multiplying dust bunnies out from under the couch.

Rainbows and unicorns 24/7 here folks.

The one thing I hadn’t really noticed was what happens when some of the elements of our crazy are removed.  This past week, E2 went to stay, along with her other two girl cousins, with Papa and the Master Seamstress.  The estrogen/testosterone balance was thrown WAY off.

Three boys snapping green beans sitting at a counter

The shift was not immediately noticeable.  Thanks to an earlier visit the older boys had paid to the farm, they were able to snap beans with the best of them.  Thanks to his ‘keep up’ attitude, E4 was right in there with them.

Boy smiling for camera, boy snapping beans, boy snacking on beans

Of course, as with all types of food, quality testing is important.  E3 demonstrates.

Pile of fresh green beans

I consider the variation in final bean size, as well as the occasional stem, a small price to pay for this level of kitchen assistance.

Little boy eating cob of corn off of the table while sittingin a wooden high chair

The testosterone started to turn a turn at suppertime, however.  It all started out innocently enough.

Little boy in yellow shirt with cob of corn in his hand

Here, E4 is most likely contemplating his next mess-making move.

Little boy in yellow Tshirt chewing a cob of corn

This faraway look in his eyes?  Contemplating his next dastardly plan.

Close up of little boy with half eaten corn cob in his mouth

And here it is:  The Hands-Free Puppy-Dog Eyes Manoeuver, perfect for getting out of all sorts of trouble, including vast quantities of food on the floor.

Thank goodness the girl was only gone two nights.

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