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This past weekend, I attended my first FoodLink Waterloo Region Taste Local! Taste Fresh! event.  The event was held at Steckle Farm, an original German homestead turned educational farm charity, right here in the heart of the city.  The company Goose works for held their family picnic there this summer and the setting is absolutely picture perfect.  The event is designed to raise money and showcase the multitude of fresh foods available here in my region.  Food producers were paired with food preparers and the results were both diverse and divine.  And since a picture is worth at least a thousand words, I thought I’d share with you some photos of the dishes I sampled.  Just promise not to salivate on the screen, k?

Milk Chocolate Mousse Cake with Blueberry Cream

This is a milk chocolate mousse cake with blueberries and fresh cream from Borealis Grille and Harmony Organics.

Homemade Ricotta Cannoli Tarts with Lavender Sugar

Homemade Ricotta Cannoli Tarts with Lavender Sugar from Relish Cooking Studio, Eby Manor, and Colour Paradise.

Hot Apple Jelly and Appe Slices with Extra Old Cheddar in Phylo Pastry

Hot Apple Jelly and Apple Slices with extra old white cheddar in phyllo pastry from Seven Shores & Martin’s Family Fruit Farm.  And since this is it’s first appearance here, we were each able to choose our own hand crafted pottery plate from which to eat our snacks.

Mexican corn on the cob on a green pottery plate

Mexican corn on the cob from TacoFarm & Herrle’s Country Farm Market.

Chicken liver pate on toast with pear compote

Chicken liver pate on toast with crackling and pear compote from Nick & Nat’s Uptown 21 and Vibrant Farms.

Arincini on a green pottery plate set against a bale of straw

Black garlic and fresh mozzarella Stuffed Arincini served with citrus aioli and a fresh basil leaf from Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory & TJ’s Farm Fresh.

Sticky hoisin glazed braised short ribs on a steamed bun

Sticky hoisin gazed braised short ribs, served with pickled veggies, roasted chili aioli, shaved jalapeno and a steamed bun from Bauer Kitchen & Faul Farms.

Pastrami slider with a pickle on a green pottery plate

House smoked pastrami sliders made with Black Angus Brisket, topped with Russian dressing, aged cheddar, apple mustard, and sauerkraut from Cafe 13 and Oakridge Acres.

Rainbow Trout Ceviche

Rainbow trout ceviche with radish and cucumber salad from Marisol & Caudle’s Catch.

Pulled Duck with red onion preserve and Chevre on Potato Rosti

Pulled Duck with Red Onion Preserve and Chevre on Potato Rosti from Little Mushroom Catering and Top Market MeatsEgg Tower

Egg tower from Waterloo Inn/Rushes Restaurant and OK Eggs.Trio of appetizers on a plate


And because I was STUFFED by this point, I brought home three of my last bites for Goose, who had stayed back at the homestead to watch the 4Es

Clockwise from the top: Southwestern spiced potato, chicken and black bean quesadillas from Select Service Caterers, Laepple Organic Farm and Poultry Place.

Pickled bell peppers stuffed with summer’s bounty on Yukon potato bread with jalapeno pimento cheese from Public’s and Stevanus Family Farm.

Savoury pumpkin tarts with Mountain Oak Gouda from Walper Hotel & Shantzholm Pumpkins.

FoodLink Waterloo Regon Cookie

Nom Nom tucked one of these cookies into each of our bags – just in case we hadn’t had enough to eat that day.

There were a few other treats that I missed taking pictures of, mainly because I gobbled them down too fast.  The day was cool and I was grateful for the cup of dark organic coffee from Cafe Pyrus.  I could have used some kind of non-alcoholic refreshment to wash the delicious food down, but I must admit I barely noticed until I was almost three-quarters done filling my face.

Disclosure:  This post is in no way sponsored, unless you count the fact that Goose stayed home with the kids.

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