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Two weekends ago, I had the privilege of attending Blissdom Canada.  This was my second year in attendance and I must say it is just getting better every year.  The speakers were phenomenal and motivating, the information sessions and hands-on workshops gave me valuable information, and the overall camaraderie and atmosphere was warm and welcoming.

But people, I will share a secret with you:  an army marches on it’s stomach and a conference runs on it’s coffee breaks and meal times.  Neither one disappointed this year.  So, while there are plenty of talented attendees out there who have written so many phenomenal posts about the speakers and entertainment, I thought I would share something that everybody can related to: the food.  So, without further ado, I present:  Blissdom Canada 2013:  The Food (OK, mostly the food – Hallmark set up for Christmas on the last day and that simply cannot be ignored)

Teddy Bear from Sleep Country Canada

This TempurPedic teddy bear from Sleep Country Canada was there to greet me when I arrived at the Delta Meadowvale for the weekend  Note to self:  this hotel is AWESOME.  Beautiful amenities, NOT in downtown Toronto, comfy beds – loved this place.

Swag Bag Goodies at Blissdom Canada

This was the first sign of good things to come.  Coffee from Tim Horton’s, Tetley tea and Pure Via courtesy of Collective Bias, and some chocolate from Purdy’s.

Nibbles at Blissdom Canada Opening Reception

These tasty little treats were available at the opening reception, courtesy of Splash Media Engagement.  I don’t know what exactly was in it.  The room was too dark to have read a sign anyways, but it was tasty.


At the sponsor Meet and Treat, there was poutine.  This is all I needed to know.

Baby rattle cake pops from Evenflo

Evenflo had these cute little baby rattle cake pops.  But that wasn’t all.

Baby Blocks Cake Pops from Evenflo

They had these absolutely adorable baby block cake pops.  And when the wonderful ladies there heard that I had the 4Es, they sent one home for each of them to enjoy.  The kids are ready to send mom away every weekend.

Rice Paper Nibbles from Unicef

Unicef Canada was there, raising awareness for their vaccination program.  They had me at the rice paper nibbles.

Wonton wrappers from Unicef

And if that wasn’t enough – the wonton pouches would have surely gotten my attention.

Maple Bites from Freshbooks

Accounting and bookkeeping are a fact of life in any business.  Freshbooks helped sweeten the whole thing up with these maple bites.

Sweet Treats courtesy of Philosophy

How does a skin care company like Philosophy get a food blogger’s attention?  By pairing their delicious bath and body line with cookies, cinnamon buns, vanilla bean cupcakes and raspberry mousse, that’s how.

White Chocolate Dipps Marshmallows from Cottonelle

Cottonelle was there to introduce their innovative new wet wipes product.  They presented white chocolate covered marshmallows. Hello!

Tower of Tetley Tea from Collective Bias

Tetley Tea and Collective Bias had all sorts of new teas for us to try.

Tea Mug courtesy of PureVia and Collective Bias

PureVia is also working through Collective Bias.  Now I have a mug for all that tea.

Cheese and crackers from Collective Bias

And because a woman cannot live on caffeine alone, Collective Bias presented this gorgeous cheese and cracker spread.  I highly recommend the cheese toasts.

Tim Horton's Blissdom Donut

Tim Horton’s was a HUGE sponsor this year – providing us with all the coffee and Tidbits we could consume.  That’s a lot of coffee for 400 bloggers.

Maple fondant from Tim Horton's

There was a make your own donut station. I offered to take any leftover maple fondant home.  Perhaps I missed my message to come pick it up…

Tim Horton's Donut Toppings

These are the kind of options we were presented with for decorating our creations.  Like a kid in a candy store, I was.

Timspiration Donut from Tim Horton's

This was my contribution to the Timspiration Wall of Fame.  Not quite as pretty as some of the others, but chocolate and maple together?  Delish peeps.

Shasher's Life At Tim Horton's

If you were looking for Shash that weekend (or any other time, for that matter), the Tim Horton’s room was your best bet.

Signature Wraps for lunch from McDonald's Canada

For lunch on Friday?  What could be better than McDonald’s.  But not just the legendary Big Mac.  The new Signature Wraps were served without nary a fry in sight – guess they were afraid of a stampede

Macarons from Cottonelle

Cottonelle kept us coming back by continually offering new, calorie conscious (ahem) treats.  Macaron anyone?

Bacon T-shirt from Maple Leaf Foods

Maple Leaf Foods was there to add to my ever growing bacon clothing line.  Truer words were never spoken, er, written.

Supper from Maple Leaf Foods

Chef Bob came from Maple Leaf Foods on Friday night to make us diet food – bacon and cheese wrapped hot dogs, honey sesame turkey wings, Buffalo turkey meat balls.

Shasher's Life Bustin' a Move

And while Shash was doin’ some of this on Friday night,

Dave Mischuk Eating Lemon Sorbet from Sunlight

Shash’s husband was doin’ this.  Taking a well deserved break and snacking on some lemon sorbet, courtesy of Sunlight.

Hot Breakfast at Blissdom Canada

Who says a buffet breakfast can’t be phenomenal?

Cookies from Hallmark

Hallmark switched things up on Saturday.  CHRISTMAS!  Vanilla bean shortbread and ginger cookies, along with hot chocolate.

Christmas Recipe Book from Hallmark

They have some awesome things for foodies this year at Hallmark.  Like this recipe keeper, perfect for holding all those recipes for dishes that only come out once a year.

Baking Ornament from Hallmark


This is one of the cooking ornaments this year.  Absolutely adorable.  Reminds me of the kids and I in the kitchen, except a whole lot cleaner.

Red Christmas Mug from Hallmark

And red coffee mugs that don’t necessarily scream Christmas – let’s put that on the wish list.

Santa Beacon Oranment from Hallmark

This will certainly help make sure Santa finds my house to fulfill that wish list.

Singing Snowman from Hallmark

I have every single one of these.  This one will soon be added to my collection.


Julie Van Rosendaal's Cookbook Spilling The Beans

I won this cookbook.  Talk about geeked.  Julie is an awesome Canadian cook, blogger, and cookbook author.  Be sure to check out her blog, Dinner with Julie and her cookbook.  Sorry, I’m not sharing.

Lunch from Lentils Canada

Canadian Lentils provided lunch.  Salmon on a bed of lentils, curried lentils, a fresh salad, and lentil soup, not to mention lentil loaf and chocolate spread for dessert.  And if we hadn’t experienced enough lentil variety, our own bag of lentil soup to take home!

Blue Car Cookies from Evenflo

Evenflo brought out cookies for break – lest we fade away from lack of nutrient intake.


On Saturday night, I finally bought my first meal.  Turkey Panini with fries from Quest, the restaurant at the Delta Meadowvale.  I pretty much rolled into the evening’s closing pajama party.

Purdy's Chocolate

And when I got home, I opened the sweet treat from Purdy’s chocolate – a signature hedgehog truffle and a salted caramel.  A sweet reminder of an awesome weekend.

Disclaimer:  I would like to thank Maple Leaf Foods for sending me to Blissdom Canada this year.  Their continued support of this blog is immensely appreciated.

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