#WordlessWednesday – Nephew’s Birthday Party

Train Cakelettes

We recently got together to celebrate nephew’s upcoming 6th birthday.  He is gung ho for Thomas the Tank Engine right now.  Aunt Melanie did her best to come up with Thomas-like cakelettes.

Train Cupcakes

Thankfully, in his eyes, I succeeded.

Kids Wrestling 2

Under that pile of my children is Uncle Todd.  Hey, the kids had to do something to burn off all that sugar that their Mama fed them.

Kids Wrestling

Always such a good sport, Uncle Todd.  And in there like a dirty shirt, that E4.

Playing Ping Pong

E1 and Granddad decided to burn off their sugar intake by competing in a bit of ping pong.

Snowman made from marshmallows

Grandma helps out with activities at a senior’s home.  For Christmas this year, she has come up with this marshmallow snowman, made out of some mega size marshmallows.  And yes, those are Christmas decorations.  Grandma’s house is already set for the big day.

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