Hallowe’en Pumpkin Carving 2013

Pumpkin carving became a bit of an epic event here this year.  Not intentionally.  Carving the pumpkins we had gathered from Gram and Papa’s for our own four kids would have been plenty.  There’s something about this house, though, that attracts children like bees to nectar.  I think we were up to 8 or 9 at one point.  Don’t worry – we only keep 4 when the day is over.

Girl Hugging Halloween Pumpkin

E2 picked the only green pumpkin out of the lot.  She wanted one that was ‘different’.  Last year hers was entirely green, this year just tinged.

Mom Cutting Pumpkin With Butcher Knife

Goose sharpened the butcher knives and we went to work, tackling the risky work ourselves.

Boy Digging Into Pumpkin with Both Hands

And leaving the icky work for the kids.  Thankfully they seem to think it’s cool to grab mountains of goo out with their bare hands.

Lots of Seeds Inside Halloween Pumpkin

No two pumpkins were alike.  I suppose a more Pinterest-inspired mom would have cleaned and roasted these.  May I remind you, Martha Doesn’t Live Here.

Cool Inside of Halloween Pumpkin

What the kids and adults alike found interesting was that none of the pumpkins looked the same inside.  This one was quite spectacular.

Aftermath of Pumpkin Carving

The post-pumpkin carving carnage.  Clearly,  Pumpkin-palooza is not for the faint of heart.

Carved Halloween Pumpkins on Front Step

In the end, we kept these ones.  The twins across the road each took a carved pumpkin home, as did the little girl beside us.

Carved Halloween Pumpkin

E1 went with the very traditional ‘scary face’ pumpkin; E2 decided on an artsy witch; the kids all decided on E4’s behalf:  an elephant.

Diego Carved Halloween Pumpkin

E3 decided on Diego.  This kind of took all of us by surprise, to be honest.  I gave Goose the honour of carving this one, ‘cause I am generous like that.

Carved Halloween Pumpkins on Front Step

So this is who will greet you this Hallowe’en when you come by our place.  That tall skinny guy in the back there was E2’s idea – a drawing collaboration of everybody’s design.  I seem to have forgotten to pick up suitable candles again – maybe I can figure out some way to make the pumpkin lights work instead.  Given that it is supposed to rain here, that might not be a bad idea…

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