#WordlessWednesday – The KW Santa Claus Parade

This post isn’t technically wordless, to be honest, but I had to share some of the pictures from our recent parade adventure.  We have lived here five years now and have never been to a Santa Claus Parade.  We picked a beautiful year to finally go.

Kids Waiting for Santa

We took our crew with us.  Don’t adjust your screen – there is one extra.  She’s at our house a lot, but we don’t mind at all.  She fits right in and goes home at night.

KW Santa Claus Parade Sign

I carried one of these signs once, for the Pumpkin Fest parade in one of my nearby towns.  It was cold and rainy and I was miserable by the time it was all done  By those standards, these folks got off easy.

Rudolph Blow Up

Rudolph was one of the first float through, leading the whole shebang, just like he should.

Lion's Club Blow Up

And what would the Lion’s Club Santa Claus Parade be without Leo?

Lydia Herrle Parade Marshall

In the middle is Lydia Herrle, honourary parade marshall.  She survived a horrific accident, when she was hit by a garbage truck while getting off her school bus, just over a year ago.  Not only did she survive, a miracle in and of itself, she is thriving and growing stronger every day.

Live horses pulling chariot in Santa Claus Parade

And speaking of riding in style, where can I get one of these? Around here, malls and big box stores regularly have shelters for our local Mennonites to keep their horses, so holiday parking wouldn’t be a problem.

Gingerbread House Float

I am not sure if these are the types of houses that this company actually has on it’s website, but if it does, I’m sold.

KW Midwifery

KW Midwifery helped deliver E3 and E4.  Wonderful women – plus they have free parking, right across from the hospital.

Bucky the Beaver

OK, I’m a bit of a sucker for blow up animals.

Live Camel in Santa Claus Parade

Live camel, just like that, comin’ down our main street.  He’s actually part of a live nativity show that is put on every year by one of our local churches.  Brave, brave people.

Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut might be banned from schools, but he still managed to make it into the parade.

Nutrilawn Float

Personally, I’d say it’s a little late for fertilizing your own this year, but hey, I’m no expert.

Paris Port Dover Pipe Band Sign

And lo and behold, who do we have here?  The Paris Port Dover Pipe Band.

Paris Port Dover Pipe Band

In green and blue tartan, no less.  Lookin’ good folks, lookin’ good.

Santa Claus

And finally, the big guy, Santa Claus himself.  After 1 1/2 hours and collecting almost as much candy as we did at Hallowe’en, he made his grand appearance.

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