#ValentinesDay Knickerbocker Glory

We have had a considerable amount of winter illness this year.  I blame the weather.  And the school.  And the kids.  And their friends.

Essentially, anyone but me.

At any rate, one of the days that my girl was home again from school, she got to flipping through  my cookbooks.  Given that she was being entertained by something that didn’t require a battery, I didn’t pay much attention.  Until she started rhyming off ingredients.  Then, I started to get a little nervous.  It soon became apparent that she wanted to actually make one of those recipes.  Good heavens.  Well, what the heck.

Thankfully, she had happened upon Knickerbocker Glory and not Mastering the Art of French Cooking, so the project was a snap.  Unfortunately, she fell asleep before dessert that night and had to eat it for breakfast the next morning.

Ingredients for Valentine's Knickerbocker Glory

The ingredients are ridiculously simple, with minimal advanced prep needed.  In the true spirit of Matthew Robinson’s book, we used what we had on hand for the layers, improvising where necessary.  Some lady finger biscuits had been lingering in the freezer and needed using up, as did a few of last year’s sugar cones.  We used up a bunch of plain yogourt, added some strawberry jam, and made it into frozen yogourt.  Fresh strawberries don’t taste that good this time of year and would have necessitated going to the store – some of the ones we put up last summer worked just as well.  To make lime whipped cream, beat together 1 cup of heavy/whipping cream, 3 tablespoons of icing sugar, and the juice and zest of one lime.  One regular sized strawberry Jell-O.  Break out (ha ha) The Master Seamstress’ passed over crystal glasses and we were in business.


It’s amazing how such a simple thing made everybody’s day brighter.  I will include the ‘recipe’ here, but feel free to modify it to work with what you have on hand (or feel like using up).  It’s about making your family feel special, not following an exact formula.

The layers are as follows:

  • Strawberries, macerated with brown sugar, lime juice, and black pepper and drained
  • Strawberry Jell-O (one regular 4 serving packet, prepared as directed)
  • Lady Fingers, broken to fit in the glass
  • Strawberry frozen yogourt
  • More Strawberry Jell-O
  • More macerated strawberries
  • Lime whipped cream
  • Broken sugar cone

And that’s it!  Have fun creating and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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