Rainbow Birthday Party – The Highlights

The Rainbow Birthday party was a homemade success, if I do say so myself.  I thought I would share some of my hand crafted decorations and ideas.  We really were able to give E2 a party with all the fixings, and stay within a reasonable budget.

Rainbow Birthday Bunting

I finally put some of that long dormant scrapbooking paper to use by creating a rainbow pennant.  A quick bit of stapling onto some fancy ribbon and ta da – entryway decoration.

Small Birthday Bunting

All those matching sets of scrapbooking paper didn’t go to waste either.  A second bunting jazzed up the window.

Pinata time

I skipped making our own piñata.  I found a rainbow striped cupcake one at Walmart that fit the bill.  Note to self:  always check places like Walmart, Target, and Bulk Barn after a holiday for piñata stuffers.  Huge cost savings.

Make Your Own Submarine Station

We skipped pizza this year and opted for a make your own sub station.  The girls could pick (or not pick)whatever they wanted.  We had one food allergy friend with us and the make your own selection made it easier for her to navigate as well.

PB&J Cookies

My famous (or so I thought) PB&J cookies didn’t go over nearly as well as I thought.  No worry – more left for me.

Rainbow Birthday Cake

The rainbow cake was truly the piece de resistance.  The kids all took some to school this week and were the envy of their classmates (or at least this is what they tell me and I am more than willing to believe)

Decorate your own Chocolate lollipop

I had pre-baked some chocolate lollipops and the girls decorated their hearts out.  To keep the festive mood going, I bagged up everybody’s artwork and sent all that sugar home.  Their mothers will surely thank me.

Rainbow Birthday Girl

In this end, this is what mattered.  The girl had a fantastic time with her friends. No one was particularly frazzled or stressed or trying to locate a lost child in an indoor playground somewhere.  Goose and I don’t have a pending credit card bill or drained bank account to dread.  We call that a win all over.

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