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The weather this March Break has been, um, interesting.  One day cold and grey, followed by beautiful, snow melting sunshine and plus zero temperatures, rounded out by a road closing snow squall.  It’s all part and parcel of living in Canada, really.  For a few glorious days, I was able to keep them busy by sending them outside to play.  But since most sending them out to play in a mini-blizzard wouldn’t last very long, I need to find ways to keep them busy indoors.

Science Rocks from DK Canada

DK Canada has a great set of activity-based books in their March Break Boutique right now to help keep kids of all ages busy.  E1 is all over the Science Rocks! book.  There are all kinds of science experiments that explore the different principles of physics and the natural world.  The projects accommodate various skill and age levels.  Some projects are very simple – like this Float Your Boat experiment.  A few require some more specialized equipment, like a UV light, but most can be made using things you already have around the house – empty plastic bottles, paper clips, and modelling clay.

Doodlepedia Wow

E3 is thrilled to have his own Doodlepedia book.  We first discovered them during our summer vacation.  Not wanting to lug a whole extra suitcase full of things to occupy the kids on our 5 hour road trip, we hunted around for all-in-one type activities.  Doodlepedia Wow has pages filled with finish the pictures, mazes, and colouring, as well as fun facts.  With very little prompting, my pre-reader can work pretty independently.

Mommy and Me Start Cooking

Mommy and Me Start Cooking takes a very comprehensive approach to cooking that I really appreciate.  Before each recipe, there is a “What is..?” section, which gives detailed information about the key ingredient you will be using in your recipe on the following pages. I will be the first to admit, none of the recipes in this book will have James Beard knocking at your youngster’s door anytime soon, but they are all kid-friendly and simple, encouraging kids to get into the kitchen and get cooking.  And kids that cook become adults who cook, and that can only be a good thing.

My Art Book from DK Canada


my Art book is definitely geared towards the more serious tween art lover.  Original pieces of art, from various genres, are explained and examined, followed by instructions for replicating a similar project at home.  This book definitely takes a little planning ahead for some of it’s more advanced projects– unless supplies like ash, old roof tiles, and mosaic tiles are usually laying around your house.  Then again, more common items like sidewalk chalk, glue sticks, and acrylic paint do feature heavily in a number of other projects.  While I appreciated the art history lesson, E2 is a little young for this one yet, so we’ll revisit it another time.


For a limited time, these titles and more are available for 30% off their original cover price.  Stock up now – ‘cause you never know when this Canadian winter will end.

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