The Kids – Easter 2014 Edition

So this year, Easter was a little chilly.  All the standard Easter clothes with their pastel prints and light materials needed to be layered under sweaters and jackets.  Those warm layers meant that getting a picture of those nice outfits was a little tough though.

Easter 2014

At first, Goose can barely get anybody to pay attention to the camera, never mind everybody smiling.  My girl seems to be going to some sort of Marilyn Monroe-type pose, complete with Marshmallow the Bunny.

Easter Kids Front Step

Here, E2 is sporting more of the sulking model look and E4 just looks suspicious.  Of course if I was sitting next to my two brothers and I was the smallest, I might be on red alert, too.

Distracted Kids

Squirrel?  Car?  Warm toasty fire?

Grumpy Kids on Step

Why are we still doing this?  Always the co-operative one, E3 is still smiling away, keeping his hands to himself. E1 is just holding them all together.

Kids at Easter

Some kind of serious brother to brother consult going on here.  E2 has been reduced to the point of flat out miserable.

Boys at Easter

The boys were ok, albeit a little chilly perhaps.

Before Service

We made one vain attempt at a picture indoors before service.  They don’t appear to have actually thawed out that much and we just left it until later.

Easter Final

Even after service, the one in the dress had not entirely warmed up to the idea.

Unhappy Easter Kis

Two smiles, a serious, and a sombre.  Not bad, really.  Thankfully, nobody had holes in their socks and they were actually wearing matching pairs.  You might be surprised how big of a challenge that really is.

So, this year, please excuse the lack of framed Easter portraits.  The whole idea really got the cold shoulder.

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