Sassy Unbreakable Drinkware #G!veaway

When we were married, we registered for crystal drinkware.  While we have never been large consumers of alcohol, the pretty glasses in my cupboard somehow felt like part of the getting married package.  Turns out though, they are just about as impractical as everyone says they are.  I have been so unsure about using them that I recently discovered that some of my champagne flutes still had the original stickers on them.  Plus, you have to hand wash them – talk about a double whammy.  I tried some of the stemless acrylic glass when they first came out, but quickly discovered that they don’t really fare so well in the dishwasher either.  We now have one glass that is no longer circular, but now sports more of a oval racetrack type shape.  So, when ECS Coffee sent me some of their new line of unbreakable drinkware, I was both intrigued and skeptical at the same time.

BarLuxe Stemless Wine Glass Unbreakable Drinkware

The new BarLuxe drinkware is made from a new Eastman Tritan, a dishwasher safe copolymer.  What does all that mean?  Simply put, it means these glasses are virtually indestructible and that they won’t etch, haze, or become misshapen when put through the rigors of the dishwasher.  They carry the weight of a ‘real’ glass, without the fear of having to clean up shards of glass off your floor or deck for weeks after a spill.  These are perfect for the outdoor patio, the cottage, or anywhere else real life happens.  Like, you know, my house.  They are available in all the most popular glass shapes – stemless wine, red wine, white wine, cocktail, and tall cocktail, not to mention the wine carafe.

Want proof of their indestructibility?  Check out this promo video.

Vingo Travel Wine Glass Unbreakable Drinkware

Sometimes you just need a little bit of sass in your life, you know?  The travel tumblers from Vingo definitely fits the bill.  Using this one is about as close as I am going to get to doing yoga, but sometimes the illusion is all you really need.  The Vingo is also available with this snappy outdoors phrase, which coincides quite nicely with how much do I not really enjoy the wilderness.  Unless, of course, there’s a garden or flowerbed involved.  Maybe I should just stick to the unmarked ones to keep my friends from laughing at me too much.

Unbreakable Drinkware Giveaway Time!

To celebrate warmer weather and cottage season and just plain good times, ECS Coffee and I are partnering to give one of my Canadian readers (provinces only, sorry, no territories) a set of four BarLuxe glasses and a pair of the Vingo drink tumblers – a prize pack worth $65.  Contest closes May 28, 2014.  Good luck everybody.


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