Disney’s Million Dollar Arm #MovieReview

Million Dollar Arm
Million Dollar Arm

Coming to theatres May 16, 2014  – Disney’s Million Dollar Arm.  The film is based on the true story of JB Bernstein, a sports agent who is watching his career quickly hit the skids.  In a last ditch effort to save it, he cooks up a scheme to head to India and produce a reality show that will yield him some untapped talent.  With the help of a cranky baseball scout, he discovers two eighteen year old cricket players.  Neither have any idea about America’s favourite past time, but they can both throw a wicked fastball.  When JB brings the boys to the US, they face unimaginable culture shock:  before this, they had never left their rural villages.  With a little help from his friend, Brenda, JB and the boys learn about team work, commitment, and family.


I am like any other guy when it comes to movies – special affects, fast moving action, etc. When I do get time to actually go see something, I expect it to come with things that blow up and crash or have a sweet starship.

So when Mama asked if I wanted to see the pre-screening of Million Dollar Arm, my replay was typical and something like this …. “What movie??? Never heard of it. Does somebody get a cool robotic arm? Does something blow up? Is it based in the future?”

The answer I got back – No, ,No and No. Hmmmm. I had to turn to the powers of Google and search out for the trailer:

2 minutes and 31 seconds later I was sold and trust me you will be as well. This is definitely the feel good hit of the summer and was fantastic from beginning to end. It was really nice to sit back and actually enjoy a well written, acted and directed movie. From the stresses of a high profile agent to the richness of India, this movie really appears to have paid respect to the true story.

At the moment I am reading Creativity Inc the story behind PIxar (review will be coming in a few weeks) and one of the points that is driven home in this book is the power of a good story that draws the viewer in. Million Dollar Arm is one of those rare stories and really is worth seeing.

Go check it out.

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