Power Rangers Turbo, Vol 2 #G!veaway

Okay, let’s be straight up for a moment. Mama and I are not “into” the Power Rangers in the least. In fact at times it admittedly gets a little annoying to watch or even listen to from the front seat of the truck. It’s the same basic story over and over again and each time the Rangers are closer to destruction and then they come up with a new way to beat the bad guys. Am I selling it or what??

Power Rangers Turbo Vol 2

However as surprising as it is, the Power Rangers are not designed for the average parent’s entertainment needs and around here the E’s devour it up. Plus the exact thing that sometimes drive us parents nuts about a repeating plot is that it is just that – a repeating plot of good vs. evil with good always triumphant in the end (which is far better than some creatures under the sea with geometrically shaped pants!). As far as life lessons go it really is decent stuff for the kids with good always winning, dedication to your cause/job and team work being up held, what more can you ask for? Well, if you need more I have just the thing! How about a big ol’ dose of SILENCE? Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, that is what you will get when the kids sit down to watch the final 22 episodes.  This edition is available beginning June 3, 2014

So that’s it – time for you to sign up for the contest below for a chance to win your own copy of Power Rangers Turbo, Vol. 2 for the kids to enjoy while you have a coffee Smile!  Open to residents of Canada only.  Ends June 7, 2014

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