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Photography: The Definitive Visual History by DK Canada

You may already be tired of me saying this, but I feel there are no better gifts in this world than books.  Sure, eBooks are great and portable and definitely have their place.  But nothing will replace the feel and smell of a book between your hands.  The books from DK Canada always have stunning photography.  When I was asked to review Photography: The Definitive Visual History, I had no doubt I would be impressed.  This book definitely did not disappoint.

Photography Book Inside Front Cover

Filled with both legendary and much lesser known works, Photography traces the history of this art form from it’s early roots in the beginning of the 17th Century daguerreotype camera to the modern digital marvels.

Photos Inside Photography the Definitive Visual History

Why do certain photographs catch our eye and hold our imagination?  As much science as it is art, an iconic photograph can usually be broken down into some key components. Going beyond just a curated collected of pictures, Photography does this with a number of the featured images, showing the elements that have been combined (either by happenstance or design), to create some of the world’s most memorable photographs.

Ansel Adams Feature

So many photographs speak such great volumes that the name of their maker is lost to except to only a precious few.  These men and women, along with their stories, are scattered throughout the book.  Some of the more famous photographers are featured in bite-sized vignettes, along with their career highlights in bullet form.

There are aspects to photography, and our world, have changed with the increasingly advancing technology.  Being a celebrity paparazzi was not always such a dirty profession.  Before the days of the zoom lens camera, a photographer and his subject had to be in close proximity, virtually eliminating any chance of an invasion of privacy.  Digital photography, originally only a novelty, has nearly replaced film photography.  Once household names in camera and film manufacturing are now nothing more than footnotes in modern textbooks.

Photography: The Definitive Visual History offers a fantastic overview, perfect for both amateur and professional photographers, as well as art lovers of all genres.  It will make a great addition to anyone’s coffee table collection.

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