Barn Board Mason Jar Christmas Sign #DIYChristmas

Those folks over at Bernardin like to tempt me, I tell you.  As they are wont to do, they like to send me these little care packages, filled with all sorts of jars and herb keepers and that sort of thing.  Those I could probably resist.  I would just ignore the box in a similar manner that I ignore that condition of our kitchen floor.  But then they take it a step further.  They send me e-mails with links to pretty pictures.  Pictures of crafts and projects that others have made using mason jars of all sorts.  Then they taunt me ‘Do you think you could do that?’  I’m sorry – was that a challenge?  Step aside.

You’re going to need a few things to replicate this project.  Please don’t let me hear you say ‘I couldn’t possibly do that – I’m not that talented’.  Trust me, I possess only a tiny bit of creative talent.  Generally, the Master Seamstress and E2 keep most of it and they let me borrow it once in a while.  Anyways, back to the list:

  • 3 Bernardin Vintage Green 1L canning jars
  • 2 Bernardin Decorative 1L canning jars
  • approximately 25 ft of covered crafting wire
  • Gold and green paint (suitable for painting on glass)
  • letter stencils, 3” size
  • Gold sparkles
  • a piece of old barn board, about 4 ft long and 8” tall
  • 5 cup hooks
  • 2 strings of clear outdoor Christmas lights – 100 and 25
  • assorted greenery, ribbon, and Christmas balls

Barnboard and Painted Mason Jar Christmas Decor


For reference, this is what we will be creating.  It is totally ‘in’ this year – barn board, mason jars, gold sparkles.  I have no idea how much it would cost purchase at a store, but I can guarantee you a ton more than it would to make at home.  The barn board has the words All Is Bright stencilled onto it.  It takes some measuring and math, but it ridiculously simple to do.  The word Bright is not only painted in gold, but also dusted with gold sprinkles while the paint was still wet.

Measuring Crafting Wire

I painted the inside of all five jars with an acrylic paint that is suitable for painting glass (not all of them are) and then heavily doused the inside with gold sprinkles.  Just not the edible kind.  After they were left to dry overnight, it’s time to work out the wire hangers.

The trickiest part of this entire enterprise is wrapping the crafting wire around the jars.  As for locating the crafting wire, I have come up with two options.  The first is to get yourself over to the US and stop at a Hobby Lobby.  They sell their grapevine covered crafting wire for about $3 a roll.  I have seen a similar product in Michael’s craft stores in Canada for $6-$8 a roll.  Anyhoo, measure about 6” of wire…


Using A Pencil to Shape Grapevine Crafting Wire

At about that 6” mark, wrap the wire around a standard pencil a couple of times to make a loop

Wrapping Crafting Wire Around Bernardin Green Mason Jars

Wrap the wire all the way around the jar and twist the ends together – don’t cut anything yet.

Using A Pencil to Tighten the Grapevine Crafting Wire

Use that same pencil to snug the wire up underneath the rings on the mason jar.  From here, figure out how long you want the handle to be, put it through the loop left by the pencil, twist it into place, and snip off any excess.

Gold Painted Bernardin Harvest Mason Jar You end up with something like this.

Gold Painted Green Bernardin Mason Jar with Lights

You know all those rusted rings that you aren’t supposed to use for canning anymore?  Those are perfect for this project.

Cup Hook on Board Board

To hang the jars, pre-drill 5 evenly spaced holes, then hand turn in some basic cup holders.  You know – the ones your grandma used in her cupboards to save space and hang up her pretty tea cups.

Painted Mason Jar Christmas Decor at Night

String the longer light set through the mason jars and the shorter one across the board.  Feel free to add or take away the bows, balls, or greenery as you see fit (I won’t tell).

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