March Break Sanity Savers #Bookreview

March Break is going to be a pretty mixed bag this year, weather wise.  Today is finally sunny, but more than a bit chilly.  I’d love to bundle the kids up and send them outside, but we have a bit of an unfortunate, open-water issue next door right now.  A building lot next to us was scraped, but then the builder didn’t follow through.  We now have a small pond between our house and the next.  My two youngest boys have already been pulled from there.  So, as much as I’d like them to run around outside, I’ll gladly settle for indoor activities until the city can figure out a way to force the lot’s owner to fill in the mess.

DK Books has a load of recommendations for indoor activities this year, in their Make March Break Great Boutique.


There’s a heavy emphasis this year on ‘Make’.  Tons of really great books to keep little hands busy.

Mommy and Me Bake Jane Bull

Along with a number of other fantastic Jane Bull books is her latest endeavour – Mommy & Me Bake.  E2’s latest obsession is creating baked goods and then selling them to the neighbours.  She has yet to fully saturate the market, so she may be onto something here.  Beyond just basic chocolate chip cookies, there are super simple instructions for making pineapple upside down cake,  bouncy bread (focaccia), spotted (marble) cake, and veggie wheels (mini quiche).

Lego Play

You know all that Lego you have lying around the house?  The Lego all comes as a set, designed to build a specific thing.  After that, what do you do?  You pick up a copy of Lego Play or The Lego Ideas Book, that’s what.  I reviewed these two books a while back, so you can see what the difference is.  As an adult who just received a box of Lego for her own birthday, just remember that these books are to keep the kids busy.

Amazing Earth Quiz Book

Have any car trips planned?  Tired of endless bickering or the drone of the same video over and over? Try something like the Amazing Earth Quiz Book or a Doodlepedia Wow.  With just the pen and book in hand, the kids can potentially keep themselves busy for a while.  That way, you can keep your eyes on the road and keep your sanity.  Double bonus.

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