Me? Talk To A Dietitian? What?

Exploring the Zehrs Registered Dietitian Program

Zehrs Registered Dietitian Program Take Away Pamphlets

Why would I go talk to a Zehrs Dietitian about, well, anything?  What more do I need to know about food?  Why would I spend time and money doing this sort of thing?  All excellent questions folks.

When the lovely people from Zehrs asked me to book a time to chat with Jennifer the Dietitian at my local Zehrs, I kind of rolled my eyes.  Well maybe a whole lot rolled my eyes. I was sure she was going to present me with a whole lot of do’s and don’ts, ban me from ever buying their delicious doughnuts, and generally tsk tsk at my poor dietary choices as of late.

But none of that happened.  After arranging to meet me in the evening at a store near to me, one of the first things she did was to burst my bubble that I was some kind of special snowflake because I was not paying to meet with her.  Sorry, Mama – nobody needs to pay to talk to a registered dietitian at any Loblaws or Zehrs store.   Well then.  As great as that is, my ego was a bit deflated there.  On to step two.

Her first questions were to find out what I wanted and needed.  No third degree about last night’s midnight snack or the extra weight that has mysteriously crept up around my midsection.  Nope, none of that.  What we addressed, instead, was my need to make sure E1 consumes enough calories in a day while Goose and I simultaneously cut back on the number we eat.

After a few exploratory questions, Jennifer gave me a list of completely realistic tips to help us out.  No, we aren’t going to buy two different types of any food, but we can control portion sizes.  Full fat sour cream – yes, absolutely.  But E1 can plop his out by the heaping tablespoon, while Goose and I should really be sticking to small teaspoons.  Put the butter on the table so everybody can control how much they put on those fresh from the garden peas.  Coming up with a summer feeding plan that regularly offers food to my hungry masses, but doesn’t mean that my kitchen is open 24/7.  These sorts of things.  All.  Totally.  Manageable.

Jennifer must really like me – she invited me to make appointments to come back as often as I’d like, all at no charge.  We could make meal plans, go over a food diary, or address any other dietary concerns that might crop up.  Again, I was getting that special snowflake feeling and again, my bubble was burst.  This offer is open to anybody.  There are also free group classes and workshops, grocery store tours, and interactive cooking classes (for a nominal fee) available.

The Zehrs Registered Dietitian program is removing one more barrier to healthy eating and helping to clear up the constantly changing (and increasingly confusing) ideas around food.  If you or a family member have been diagnosed with a condition that can be helped or hindered by your dietary choices, I really recommend that you stop by and have a chat.

Disclosure: I am happy to have had the opportunity to meet with a Loblaw dietitian and share my experience with you. I was compensated for this post, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

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