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Lampe Berger Satin Pack Matted White

One of my many shortcomings is my appreciation of ‘less is more’ – especially when it comes to household decor. If I own a thing, it is probably on display (and our recent move showed me that we own A LOT of things). The word ‘subtle’ has also never firmly made it’s way into my vernacular. I have to say, though, the Lampe Berger Satin Pack blends in very nicely around here. So nicely, in fact, that you might not immediately notice it.
Now, it’s true that you can get the Satin Pack in either Satin Red or Matted White. The Satin Red definitely stands out in a room and would work well for a Christmas decorating theme. The Matted White that I received, on the other hand, flows with our new blue bathroom, and indeed, just about anywhere in our house.
The Satin Pack comes with the Orange Cinnamon scent – a really refreshing and earthy fall fragrance. The design of the Lampe Berger means that it kills off existing odours without leaving a heavy and overpowering scent of it’s own behind. Ever walked into that cloud of perfume or cologne from someone who didn’t quite realize how much they were wearing? Or into a room where a brand new plug-in type scent diffuser was being used? To say it’s a bit overwhelming and can leave a bad taste in your mouth is a bit of an understatement. None of that here. The diffusion by catalysis system, invented by Maurice Berger over a century ago, means that the first whiff is no stronger or weaker than the last.

Lampe Berger Satin Pack Matted White Dried Flowers

There is a new fragrance available – Wild Berries. It is advertised as ‘the luxuriance and refinement of the Tree of Life’. Before you give me a big ol’ eye roll, I promise you this is not the fake, sickly sweet smell that you usually get with a berry scented candle. There is a slightly sweet undertone, but it is balanced with a musky bit in there. It’s hard to describe, really. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one. The fragrances also have staying power. Each one lasts approximately 4X the burning time – 1 hour of burn time means 4 hours of odour killing. Can your average candle say that? I think not.
You can find Lampe Berger Paris in fine stores across Canada. If you are looking to learn more about their newest designs and fragrances, follow them on Facebook or Instagram (especially if you are looking for way better home decor ideas than I am ever likely to come up with).

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