Stop the Presses: Barbie is at Hallmark

So, I get a lot of interesting email. Not just from Nigerian princes wishing to whisk me away or fabulously wealthy widows wanting to leave me their fortune. I am talking about companies that legitimately wish to work with me so that I can let you, my beloved readers, know about their latest and greatest thing. Sometimes, they do have the latest and greatest thing.

Like the day that Hallmark Canada let me know that Barbie had landed at their stores.
Sit down and take a deep breath.
Better yet, put on your shoes, grab your coat and purse and GO. Straight to the nearest corporately owned Hallmark. (Why a corporate one? ‘Cause they will absolutely have the latest and greatest Barbie line. Independent stores don’t always have them. Feel free to call ahead and scout them out).
My friends at Hallmark Canada told me they were sending me a box of goodies. And so, I waited.
I waited patiently while my friends and fellow colleagues opened up their packages and admired all the pretty Barbie things. Still, no package.
I checked in with my friends at Hallmark Canada and they were stumped. Somewhere along the way, some kind of mysterious postal gremlin had run away with my precious box of goodies.
But not to fear – the good people at Hallmark Canada and Veritas saved the day. That’s right – they scrambled together and got me another box filled to the brim with beautiful shiny pink Barbie items.

Hallmark Barbie Socks Barbie Mug Barbie Trinket Box Barbie Sign

See all those pretty things up there? Perhaps now you see why I was so excited. Or maybe not. Your lack of Barbie enthusiasm doesn’t bother me.

Hallmark Barbie Plaque

Take for instance this cute little sign. I will admit, there are days when I look around this joint and how much I have done is not the first thing to cross my mind. But we can all live on in hope, right? Approximately 6” x 6” $16.95 MSRP


Hallmark Barbie Trinket Box

This cute little trinket box? Perfect coin/jewellery/whatchamadoodle catcher. Technically, it’s called a Barbie Treasure Box because hey, even adults have ‘treasures’. About 4”, $14.95 MSRP

Hallmark Barbie Pink Ankle Socks

OK, so pink is not my favourite colour. It’s nice, but it’s just not my thing, ya know? Thankfully, these cute little ankle socks also come in a mostly black option. I will be on the hunt. $7.95 MSRP

Hallmark Classic Barbie Profile Ceramic Mug

And the piece de resistance folks – the Classic Barbie Profile Ceramic Mug This one is courteous of a determined Goose, who tracked it down for me. There are three other designs as well. Just be careful using your awesome new mug – it may or may not be possible to get your pinky finger caught in the lower part of the iconic ‘B’ handle. Or so I’ve heard. $14.95 MSRP
There’s also a cute little zippered make up bag ($12.95 MSRP) and an Infinity Scarf ($16.95 MSRP, available in two other styles as well). However, I have enough trouble keeping track of my one big orange purse to use the wee bag without losing it. And if I ever figure out how to wear infinity scarves without choking myself, this will be the first one I wear.
And so there you have it. The joyful ending of my Hallmark Barbie exclusives box gone missing adventure. Excuse me now while I go pour myself another cup of coffee. This time I will keep my pinky up.

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