Last Minute Kids Books For Christmas

Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Godparents – gather ‘round. Christmas is in a few short days. If you are still having a hard time finding something to give to the small person in your life that won’t get you blacklisted by the parents, keep reading. DK Books has a great selection for all ages, even the wee little ones. Books that won’t get discarded. Ones that won’t cause excruciating pain when stepped on in the night. Ones that will offer a few minutes peace and quiet on long car rides.

Roar Roar Baby Dinosaur DK Books Books for Toddlers

I know I promised you peace and quiet and this is subtitled the best noisy dinosaur book ever. Here’s the thing – Roar! Roar! Baby Dinosaur isn’t a LOUD noisy book. The phonetic renderings of the dinosaur names encourage early reading skills. Each of the two-page spread pictures tells a story that little ones can relate to. If dinosaurs aren’t what you’re looking for, there are also Firetrucks, a Playhouse, and Pets to explore in the Noisy Peekaboo series.

Disney DK Books Essential Finding Dory

For the slightly older crowd, say grades 1-3 or so, the new Finding Dory movie has been a big hit. The new Finding Dory Essential Collection is bound to be a crowd pleaser. The slip case that holds the two book set lights up a coral reef scene. Inside, there is both an essential guide to help explore Dory’s underwater world, there is also a sticker book. And in case you were wondering – stickers are a huge hit with this age group.

Monster High Character Encyclopedia Books for Kids

If you’d like to avoid trying to figure out which doll the little girl in your life does or doesn’t have yet, the DK Monster High Character Encyclopedia can solve that for you. If you have ever watched a Monster High YouTube video about how many dolls someone has in their collection, or how the most awesome dad in the whole world built them custom shelves to display them all, don’t despair. This book will quickly bump you to the head of the favourite relative line. Every doll from the Original Ghouls and their pets to some of the latest incarnations, they are all covered.

Check with your local bookstore or favourite online retailer for these and plenty more awesome books for kids gift ideas.

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