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Moms For Hire Finding A Second Career After Children

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Moms For Hire: 8 Steps to Kickstart Your Next Career to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received.
One of the greatest hurdles facing mothers is not how to care for this tiny human (although that is incredibly daunting), is facing the idea of now only when to re-enter the paid workforce, but how. Maybe the answer to the first question is ‘never – I am totally done with that’, so the second question is entirely moot. But for the majority of mothers, there comes a time when they would like to head back out again. Moms for Hire is possibly the only book I have ever read that lays out a realistic, step-by-step plan for getting back into the paid labour force.

The key thing Moms For Hire does not do is assume you are immediately re-entering the workforce as soon as you are home from the hospital. This book has been written for all of those mothers who decided it was in the best interest of their family (and for themselves) to lean out rather than in. The author even contradicts popular feminist ideology that staying home is somehow a ‘weakness’. There could have been any number of reasons: the additional strain of two working parents, overwhelming childcare costs, no readily available back up plan for kids sick days or summer vacation, or perhaps it was just a personal conviction that she wanted to stay home. Whatever the reason, Moms For Hire acknowledges that the gap in your resume is there and going back to work is going to be a challenge.

Moms For Hire: Doing The Hard Work First

It’s not even until step #5 that author Deborah Jelin Newmyer addresses your resume. There is much groundwork and planning to be done before undertaking such a major life adjustment and Newmyer tackles each in a practical, bite-size series of tasks. Her writing is aimed at women with a post-secondary education, looking to find what she called the ‘hidden on-ramp’ back into a meaningful paid position. Often made to feel ‘less than’ for leaving the workforce and living under the assumption that they no longer have viable skills, Newmyer smashes these ideas to pieces with carefully laid out work sheets and thoughtful questions.
From critically examining where you and those who depend on you are at right now to navigating job interviews and eventually paying forward your hard earned knowledge, Moms For Hire takes moms through all of the steps. Not one to paint everything as cheery sunshines and stardust, there is space to acknowledge the loss of what your family had with you at home and how to re-balance life now that a very large chunk of your life will be spent doing things for other people. The list of ‘Giveaway Tasks’ simply makes for good parenting. A list of age-appropriate jobs that can be completed by your children will not only build confidence and life skills, but also help re-balance the work load.
Most surprising of all, however, is the acknowledgement that you may take stock of where you are at and what the potential benefits are of your return to work and discover that nope, you’re good right where you are. Coming from a film producer who was accustomed to working 60 hour work weeks, even with three small children, this seems almost unthinkable. However, she has lived in both worlds and can attest to the practicality of leaning out for a time.
Moms For Hire is exactly the book so many women have been looking for. This book realistically supports true feminism – a woman’s right to choose what is really the best option for her and her family. This refreshing take on ‘a woman’s place’ will make a great gift for moms at any stage of the game.

Moms For Hire Giveaway Time!

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