Makin’ It In March with DK Maker Giveaway!

Did you know March is National Craft Month? I know what you’re thinking ‘Crikey, there’s a holiday for everything now, isn’t there?’ You’d probably be right, to be perfectly honest.
The upside of this non-holiday is that I get to bring you some pretty darn cool books from my friends over at DK Maker and give you a chance to win them!

First up – The Smithsonian Maker Lab 28 Super Cool Projects. This book covers everything from paper airplanes to making your own rock candy. There are simple step by step instructions AND the why behind your creation.

  • Why will folding your plane this way instead of that make it stay in the air longer?
  • Why can you make a light bulb glow using some lemons and connecting wires?
  • Why do bath bombs fizz when they hit the water?

The answers are all here people.
There are some extra handy dandy features that set this science activities book apart from others. There are clear indicators on each project that let you know how long this is going to take and how difficult this is going to be. The crystal clear ‘items needed’ list means you won’t get started and then find out you need some obscure thing to finish the project. And on that note, the oddest thing you’ll need for any of these experiments is cream of tartar and electrical wires with clips on each end. If you can scrounge up those items, you’re golden.

That I am Queen of the Stick People is no secret. I have no artistic ability. Zero. None. My girl, however, has it oozing out of her pores. I love to tell people she got her artistic talent from me, because I clearly don’t have any.
How To Draw offers instructions on real artistic skills that are needed to create more advanced drawings. Shading, perspective, object arrangement. There is space in this book to practise the techniques right away – a feature that’s super handy for car rides. And, in case you’re trying to figure out that best tools to equip your budding artist, How To Draw has you covered. Pens, pencils, pastels – this book explains them all.

DK Maker Giveaway Time!

Now, for the really fun part. One of my lucky Canadian readers will have the chance to win a copy of both of these books! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received. Not responsible for lost or misdirected entries. Approximate retail value of this prize is $44. Contest closes April 3, 2017 11:59 pm ET. Good luck everybody!

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