What I’ve Been Reading – August 2017

Life has finally calmed down enough around here that I can get in some solid summer reading. I’ve been sent some true gems this summer (and at least one ‘meh’) and I thought I would pass them along. Hopefully, you can enjoy them before we get back into our fall routines.

My favourite so far – The Address: A Novel by Fiona Davis. This is an absolutely spell binding novel, split between two continents and then two different centuries. Both Goose and I loved it and could not put it down.
The Address tells the story of Sara Smythe, a young woman who leaves London, England, to grasp at a chance to rise above her current station. In 19th Century England, social mobility did not exist and a random encounter promised her a future she could have only dreamed of. Fast forward a century to another young woman who seems entirely out of options. Bailey Camden has one last shot to prove to everyone that she isn’t just an addict. Drawn together by fate and fortune, these two women’s lives are intertwined across the years to produce a can’t-put-it-down novel. The history, the details, the multiple story lines and plot twists – all of it both of us racing to the end. The Address is definitely a book to be finished in one sitting.


Summer Reading List Saints for All Occasions Book Review

Saints for All Occasions by J. Courtney Sullivan is a tale of two sisters, spanning two continents and two very different time periods. Beginning in Ireland and ending in Boston, these two very different sisters find their lives far more entwined than they could have ever imagined.
Full disclosure: I have not even finished this book yet and I fully endorse it. You really should read it. Anyone with any kind of family will easily recognize the different characters and relate to their struggles. Old family secrets are hard to keep – the truth always seems to come out. And when it does, so many things suddenly make a lot more sense.


Summer Reading List Book Review

And last but not least – another book that I haven’t finished but probably won’t. Jewish Mothers Never Die by Natalie David-Weill sounds like an interesting read, but it just never gets off the ground.
The premise – a young Jewish mother dies and is welcomed into the after life by a number of other Jewish mothers – sounds promising. Each of these mothers has a succesful son, something each one takes full personal credit for. The boasting and bragging, instead of coming across as humorous, merely becomes repetitive and obnoxious.
Perhaps it is the depth of details or the repetitive nature of the narrative, but this is not a novel I could get into. The more than slightly creepy nature of the mother-son relationships doesn’t help move the plot along at all. I gave up reading about halfway through. In my opinion, your reading time is better spent elsewhere.

Disclaimer:  I’ve been sent complimentary copies of each of these books for review.  Obviously, this hasn’t influenced my opinion, since the publishers were probably not counting on my not loving all of the titles (Sorry about that folks).

PS  The links in this article are affiliates. That means I am supposed to get some money if you purchase the title there.  I have no idea how much money, since this has never actually happened.

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