Maker March with DK Books #Giveaway

Maker March was created to help bridge the gap between the snowy, slushy days of February and the wash it clean rains of April. Which of course can only lead to May flowers and all that good stuff.
The weather, however, clearly missed the memo this year and has decided that rather than snap into more spring like weather, we will yo-yo between just about every possible weather status for weeks on end. My grandmother once told me a horror story. In it, it snowed here at least once a month for an entire year. I am really hoping that is not what we have going on here
At any rate, to celebrate Maker March, DK Books has sent me three different books to review and tell you about. Spoiler alert: I’ll be giving away one of them as well. Stay tuned for details (or just hop on down to the end of this post).

Video Idea Videography Handbook How to make YouTube videos Maker March

First up, Video Ideas. It seems like everyone dreams of making their fortune as a YouTube sensation. A quick perusal through there shows me that most of them should keep their day jobs.
I am all for kids earning their own money in whatever safe and legal way they can. When properly supervised, videos can do just that. Or, they can just be used to keep your kids occupied and not mindlessly staring at someone else’s videos.
Video Ideas walks would-be videographers through every aspect of producing a top notch piece of work. Filming angles, choosing a genre, collecting props, and even online safety.

Maker Lab Outdoors Science Activities for kids Maker March

Given the current weather conditions, Smithsonian Maker Lab Outdoors might seem a little preliminary. But warm weather and summer always come. Be like the the Boy Scouts and always be prepared.
This book is packed with over two dozen outdoor projects. All of them take very common household items or things a quick trip to the dollar store will help you find. Your young scientist will find instructions to make ice cream and geodes, thermometers and air cannons.

Hand and Chalk Lettering Instruction Book Maker March

This last book is for me. And maybe my girl. But mostly me. It’s The Big Awesome Book of Hand & Chalk Lettering. Ever look at those pretty chalk signs in restaurants and trendy stores and think ‘gee, wish I could do that?’ I do, but long ago resigned myself to my sixth grade axe murderer hand writing. I am so glad penmanship was not graded when I was a kid.
Hand & Chalk Lettering literally takes you back to basic printing and, step by step, carries you through to beautiful hand printed signs in a variety of mediums. My grocery list will never be the same again.

Maker March – Maker Lab Outdoors Giveaway

One of my lucky Canadian readers has the chance to win a copy of Smithsonian Maker Lab Outdoors. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received. Not responsible for lost or misdirected entries. Prize has no cash value. Approximate retail value is $26. Contest closes April 12, 2018 11:59 pm ET Good luck!

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