A new hobby

So, in the past couple of days, we have definitely put our new extended health care benefits to the test. All human members of our household are now on antibiotics of one form or another, and Goose is also on an inhaler. Sleep and rest would be beneficial, if said antibiotics did not cause my son to have nightmares. Some day soon, I swear, we will sleep again.

So, having nothing else to occupy my time, I have decided to take up some sewing again. Some of it has always been out of necessity. Jason has a 36″ inseam. Have you ever tried to find pants in such a size? Most likely not, or there would be more of it available. Living in Windsor, we could usually find them in the US. Apparently, Canadian companies have decided that all lumberjacks are short and stumpy. Computer programmers, too, I guess. So, I need to make pyjama pants for him. The only fabric I have in reserve features semi-fluorescent mini M&M’s candies. While this may be in fashion somewhere for someone, I am reassured it is not something my husband is looking for. So, off to Len’s Mill Store http://lensmill.com/ I go. Truly, I could stay there for hours. Rows upon rows of beautiful fabric; shelves lined with a wide assortment of goodies; interesting bits of clothing I cannot imagine anyone really wearing. Nonetheless, I found the perfect bit of fabric. A heavy piece of Toronto Maple Leaf flannelette. As the last bit on the roll, I receive 15% off. I’ll have to let you all know how it turns out. And if they are are available to wearing before next winter…

Update: Here they are!

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