Progress Thus Far…

If I were even the teensiest bit wise, I would have started this project back when I originally bought E2 this fabric.  As in, back before Christmas.

If I were even a little bit smarter than that, I wouldn’t have undertaken this project to begin with.

But how does one say no to a little blonde haired, blue eyed angel who looks in awe at the sample hanging on the wall and then comes up with one liners like “I love to go to the fabric store with you mommy.  There are so many pretty things there.  Then you take some thread and make me beautiful things.”  Seriously.  Here’s hoping I grow more of a spine by the time she discovers electronics.

Or automobiles.

Or horses.  Let’s not even go THERE.

And so we begin with this cute little number, and use it as a guide to cut a lining.

You can see why my pink-loving, Cupcake Wars watching little girl fell in love with this particular model.

Again, simple directions.  Remember who we’re talking about here.

These pretty little strips of cloth will become waist and neck ties.

Like this.  Don’t worry, Real Sewers!  I will press them.  But after the hour or so it took me to turn these little puppies, my fingers needed a break.  And some Ibuprofen.

I’ve decided to step outside the instructions here and line the ruffle.  Oh my.  Here I go again, gittin’ all
crazy ‘n’ stuff.

Note:  for those of you who actually sew, I realize I do not have my fabric sufficiently ironed.  Not even close.  I also realize that I am not sewing for a runway model and thus, am perfectly OK with that.

Pins, pins everywhere!  Only 1/2 a pint of blood loss this time.  Hooray for me!

See?  All nicely stitched, turned, and pressed.  Only thing I’ve used the seam ripper for is to pull out the corners.  Progress!

After a couple of quick calls and e-mailed photos to my lifeline, I abandoned ship on getting Old Faithful to put a gathering thread in the ruffle and ended up doing it by hand.  Very minimal blood loss here.

Now see these little pieces (kindly ignore the groady, ironing board background, it’s been with me a long, long time)?  They will become cupcakes.  Yah, right.

You take the bottom and force fit it to the sides to create the cupcake ‘wrapper’.  Right now, looks like some kind of alien.  Or maybe one of those weird, middle of the store change tents at Old Navy.  The one where busy mothers with little ones constantly try to convince themselves is a better alternative to use than the ‘real’ change rooms.  And then they and their underwear get exposed to the world when their toddler starts playing peek-a-boo with the world.

Not that I have any first hand knowledge of this type of situation.

They kind of end up looking like this.  And as if there wasn’t enough blood loss already…

I now need to make these circles fit onto these bases.  Upside down and inside out first.  Um, sure.

I’ll keep you updated on my blood donation.

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