Spring is Coming – I Swear

Yesterday marked the first official day of spring.

Someone clearly forgot to let the weatherman in on that little tidbit of trivia.  He is calling for snow this week.  Enough already.

I am famous for entering contests.  I will take almost anything that is free.  Even better if I actually like the thing.  Then I will tell 500 of my closest friends about it.  I am a marketer’s dream come true.

This time, I won a ticket to Canada Blooms.  Six acres of gardening under one roof in March.  Who could ask for more?  And to top it off, I won one of the tickets.  Then we bought the second one at a discount.

We didn’t make it there in time for my birthday.  So we went for Goose’s birthday.  Which just happens to be the day after mine.  Oh what fun, you say!  You’ve obviously never tried to fill out government paperwork together.  Try proving and explaining why two people are registering themselves with the government or bank or anywhere else and that your birth dates are exactly one year and one day apart.  Not the ball of wax you might chalk it up to be.

Es 1-3 went to Gram and Papa’s for a two night sleepover.  Can I get a whoo-yah for free babysitters?!?  They also had my two nieces for part of the time.  Can I get a whoo-yah for CRAZY free babysitters?!?

We left bright and early (OK, not until more like 11 am) on St. Patty’s Day and headed out for the big city of TO.  Had we simply used an online navigation tool, or, EGADS, a paper map, we would have arrived considerably earlier.  Instead, we were confronted with construction, complicated by an out of date GPS system, and just plain old big city commotion.  Needless to say, lives were nearly lost. And not ours.  Let me just say it’s a good thing we had no hope of finding the makers of our GPS system or their office.

Once we finally arrived at the event centre and found a parking space, we were confront by two rather mature women.  In fact, they blocked us into our parking space with their Toyota.  I had noticed them tailing us earlier.  However, I chose to say nothing, having just narrowly survived getting to this place to begin with.

We were pleasantly surprised to find they were not Senior Stalkers.  Nor had they followed us into the parking lot to confront us about cutting them off somewhere in the dozen or so wrong turns we took to get to this parking lot.  Actully, they were offering us their pre-paid parking pass.  Yes, that’s right folks.  Free parking, free ticket – a demi-Dutchwoman’s dream come true.

The show itself was great.  Loads of flowers and exhibits.  Great vendors with all sorts of gardening goodies for sale.  And not really crowded.  Fantastic!

For supper, we went to The Keg.  No, it wasn’t because we figured we could splurge because we’d spent so little on the day.  It was because Goose had been given a gift card.  Not only was the gift card more than sufficient, we were given free desserts for our birthdays!  Can you say creme brulee?

From there, we retired to our hotel.  The Westin Harbour Castle was fantastic.  Again, one might assume we chose to stay there because of other economies we had made.  Oh contraire, mon frere.  Hotwire.com is the way to go.  And a tasty treat delivered to our room after our late night check in didn’t hurt either.  Very nice.

All in all, a wonderful, adventure packed (and Cheap!) night away for the two of us.  And that’s just about as much as anyone around here could really ask for.

Tomorrow – some pics of our Blooms adventure.  Tonight – I’m going to go and catch up on the laundry.

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