Quick Cookies

In the blogger world, there is now something called Wordless Wednesday.  The idea is that bloggers can post an intriguing photo on their site and not have to say, er, type, a word.  Fun for the readers and a bit of a break for the blogger.  Since I have not, as of yet, run out of things to say, I have no participated.

Call me a spoil sport.

At any rate, I am hereby declaring the fourth weekday to be Tidbit Thursdays on this site.  And if it catches on elsewhere, I won’t even ask for a royalty.

Maybe just a shout out.  That might be nice.

So, without further ado, here is today’s life altering tidbit

Big hairy deal, you say.  It’s a pan of overcrowded chocolate chip cookie dough balls.  Be still my heart.

No so fast there, compadre.

What you actually see here is the ticket to selling your home faster, the key to filling up the bottomless pit that is your teenager, and the magic button to making last minute hostessing look like a breeze.

These little suckers are frozen.

You heard me, frozen.  Ready to be baked and served warm, ready to fill your home with the aroma of homey goodness, ready to be devoured.

Scoop as many as you can fit onto a cookie tray and lay it in the freezer.  If you don’t have a deep freeze, a plate will do.  I would recommend having parchment, wax paper, or foil on the tray to make removal easier.

Once they are good and frozen, pop’em in a zip top bag and have them on hand for whatever baking/food/home selling emergency may come into your life.  Oh, and keep them in the freezer.  And do not succumb to the evil practise of eating raw cookie dough.

Bake them from frozen, just expect it to take a few minutes longer than it would if they were fresh.

Disclaimer:  I have shamelessly stolen this idea from my old friend, Anita.  Not that she is old, but rather that we have known each other now for 12 yeara.  She and most of her family stood in our wedding.  She now lives in another country, although we now live within local calling distance of her parents.

I don’t know why you’d need to know that last part.  In fact, you probably don’t.

Anyhoo, she uses this idea to feed her four spawn when they return from school and as a way to get them to all it down together in one space long enough to actually tell her about their day.  Truly an ingenious plan.

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