Tidbit Thursday – Painting With Kids

Ah, paint and small people.  The two go together like peanut butter and jelly (at least before nut allergies took over the world).  They also have an equal probability of making a mess on your floor, table, child, and any other surface within a 300 kilometre radius.


Gak, what to do.  Try this:

PaintingWithKidsStart with your standard plate and paper towel.  Like this pattern?  It’s called Spice Berry, by Corelle.  It was a new test design brought out when we were getting married.  I fell in love with it and put it on our registry.  After almost ten years, we still have enough dishes left to serve a full meal to our family.  Minus the drinking glasses.  They just didn’t make it.  And the tea cups and saucers?  I think they’re gonna live forever, safely tucked away in the back of our cupboards.

For really young’uns, you can use plastic or disposable plates to make sure your wedding china doesn’t get destroyed.

Fold paper towel and soak with water.  Not enough to form a giant puddle, but enough to see it sort of rolling around in the paper towel.

Painting With Kids, Tips, ParentingIf the kids are using the dry, paint-puck type paints, they can wet and rinse their brush here without fear of causing a giant spill.

If the kids are using ‘wet’ paint’, this same method gives them  a place to rinse off their brushes between paint dips.  Squeezing small amounts of paint onto a plate instead of giving your child the whole pot also reduces the ‘all colours mixed together make brown’ scenario.

And that’s it.  If the plate gets knocked, spilled, or thrown (’cause that NEVER happens, I know), the water and paint splatter is incredibly minimal.  No more spilled jars or bowls of water causing a mini flood on your floor or ruined artistic endeavours.  Minimal tears and stress.  Everybody wins.

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