Tidbit Thursday – A Little Help From My Friends

Goose is a very, very wise man.  Not only does he make space ships fly (well, OK, not space ships, Blackberries, and no, I guess they don’t fly, the data technically does), he knows that one of the many ways to his wife’s heart is through washing the dishes.

The other surefire way?  Bring her home a living plant.  Not something cut, although those are nice, but something she can grow and nurture, and smell, and cut, and share with her friends and family.  This week, Mr. Smarty Pants brought me home these:

These Asiatic lilies are called Cherry Black and they are beautiful.

And they are tall.

And they are full of pollen.

And that pollen is now on my arm.

Please see Exhibit A:

Sorry for the fuzziness of the picture.  The camera was having a hard time focusing in on the pale pastiness that is my skin colouring.

Or lack thereof.

The pollen is also on my chinny chin chin.  But women of child bearing age do not necessarily put close up photos of their chins out for public display.

Last but not least, the pollen is also on my shirt.  Please see Exhibit B:

So, I ask you, loyal readers:  NOW WHAT?

Is there any hope for this shirt or is it forever relegated to garden duty?  I mean, come on, I probably paid $5 for it at Old Navy three years ago.

How long before I can show my fuzzy chin and pasty arms in public without mothers pulling their children aside in grocery stores for fear of catching whatever I’m carrying?

Come to think of it, that part might be helpful.  I really need to go get groceries.  This could speed up the process. Let me give that one a little more thought.

So, let’s have it.  What are your best tips for clearing up this rather unsightly mess.  Leave your comments here and I will let you know what works and when I can show my face (and arm and shirt) in public again.

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