Tidbit Thursday – DIY Chai Spice Blend

Late last week, a dear friend went to the States shopping and imported some goodies for me that we just can’t get here.  To thank her, I made some Chai Biscotti.  In order to make chai biscotti, I needed chai seasoning.  I have never been a huge fan of just dumping opened tea bags into a recipe, so I used my own spice blend instead.  It goes something like this

ChaiSpiceRecipeThis is what it looks like.  I will admit that I didn’t have any white pepper in the house, so I used fresh ground black.  Please don’t tell Martha.  Oh, and that’s ground cardamom, not whole pods or anything.

I like to mix spice blends in my mini food processor.  It isn’t mandatory.  A gentle hand with a wisk in a bowl would probably do just as well.   I do find that putting it through the mini chopper tends to grind the different spices to the same size and therefore keeps the blend mixed together better.

And here it is.  This particular recipe doesn’t make much at once, but can quite easily be multiplied to make more as needed.

And now, there is nothing to do but wait until tomorrow, when I show you how to make some of the most simple and delicious biscotti in the world.  Stay tuned and see you tomorrow!

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