Tidbit Thursday – Breakfast Sandwiches

In a few short weeks, Goose and I are headed off to Niagara Falls, with the three E’s in tow.  We will be eating out plenty, let me tell you.  To save just a weensie bit of moolah, I usually make a breakfast sandwich for all of us before we go.  But I don’t have time for that!  Hasn’t someone else just down the road been selling those for years?  What makes you think I’ve got time for that sort of thing anyways?

Nonsense to all of it.

Start out with some of those ramekins that came with your glassware set and you never really have any use for.  Spray them liberally with cooking spray.

One egg per dish.

Quickly whip up the egg.

A little salt and pepper.

Goose likes hot sauce on everything, including his eggs.  Try to find that option at your local drive through.

Pop it in the microwave with some sort of cover.  It will splat.  Start with a minute or so.

When cooking for multiple people, and to keep up the speed, open up your bagels or English muffins, or whatever you choose to use, and lay them on a cookie sheet.  A quick minute or less under the broiler should do it.  I like to put the oven on a low broil and move the cookie sheet down towards the middle, to give myself a little more ‘oops’ leeway.

So now, we assemble.  First the cheese.  Regular or processed, doesn’t really matter.

Then, a generous layer of bacon.  I know you are cooking bacon on a cookie sheet and keeping it in the fridge for just such situations.  If not, you can buy sausage rounds that can be very quickly cooked up in the microwave.  A slice of ham luncheon meat would also work.

And lastly, the egg.

If you are eating at home, set some hashbrowns to fry on low while you are assembling your masterpiece.

If you are headed out, cook up some of those hashbrown patties, found in the freezer section of your local grocery store.  They will be done in about the same amount of time it will take to cook everything else.

If you are in a real hurry to get out the door in the morning, line your ramekins with those giant muffin papers and use a paper towel to avoid microwave splatter.

And there you have it  For way less money than you would have spent at the drive-thru and in not more much more time (less, if you happen to get stuck behind that guy ordering breakfast for his entire office)

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