Tidbit Thursday – Fruit Flies

Fruit flies know no boundaries.  No limitations.  No sign of going away anytime soon.


I can’t eliminate them for you (if I could, I would certainly be a whole lot richer than I am right now!).  However, I can show you  how to reduce their presence in your fresh fruits and vegetables.

I will apologize in advance for the lack of photos for this post (read: no pictures at all).  I have smart readers – I know you will be able to figure out how to do this.

Take a small bowl. Use something disposable if you’d like.  Put in about an inch of banana or a slice of orange or another fruit fly attracting food in the bottom of the bowl.

Fill the bowl about halfway full with a sweet liquid.  Apple juice, orange juice, or flat pop will work well.  Lacking any of those, honey dissolved in warm water will work, too.

Cover the bowl in clear plastic wrap.  Carefully poke a number of small holes in the plastic.  I would suggest using the very tip of a sharp knife or the tine of a fork, or even a toothpick.

Set the bowl out on the counter and wait for your little victims, er, guests, to arrive.  It won’t take long for them to show up.  At our house, they usually arrive within an hour or two.

The principle here is basically the same as the wasp trap:  they are smart enough to find their way in, but not out.  If you find your little guests are still buzzing around and it’s time to empty out the bowl, simply shake it around a bit and watch them learn to swim.  Or not.  If that isn’t enough, fill up the bowl with some more water and shake again.

This little trick won’t get rid of them, but it will give them a more enticing place to hang out.

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