Tidbit Thursday – DIY Snack Cups

We pack something like 15 lunches a week here.  Ten of those lunches are subject to something our school board coyly refers to a ‘boomerang lunch’.  Essentially, if your child does not consume it, it comes home.  Now, I’m not talking about uneaten sandwiches or the untouched cheese and crackers.  I mean half eaten cheese snacks.  Partially finished pudding cups.  The sad remains of an apple that was gnoshed at four hours ago.  And talk about mess.

To save myself at least some of the hassle and clean up, I have decided to employ some of the reusable containers I already have here.

I have started making our own Jell-O and pudding cups here.

I use these Rubbermaid twist and store containers.  The screw top lids are easy for little hands to open and close.

As my sous chef demonstrates, you may want to use a little less water when preparing the Jell-O.  This will help it hold up to school lunch transport and the lack of refrigeration for a few hours.

You can also customize your serving size to your child’s appetite.  Sit your desired containers on the counter to cool, screw the lids on, and pop them in the fridge.  In the right climate, they can also be kept in the garage to save on fridge space.

You can also make pudding cups this way. For this one, I used my Bernardin reusable containers.  I make a couple of different flavours and make the snazzy layered concoctions seen here.  Two boxes of pudding make my kids about 9 servings.  How many you end up with will vary with the serving size you make up.

So, how about you?  Do you have boomerang lunches at your school?  Have you come up with any creative ways to save your sanity and reduce your nightly clean up?

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