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Here it is folks – Goose’s first guest post!

So picture this … after a hard fought day at my high tech day job, I come home to my 4 E’s and lovely wife. It’s straight out of a 1950s sitcom, well except for the high tech day job!

After working my way through the perpetually changing end-of-day toy maze for my priceless welcome home kiss, my blog loving wife drops this little bomb … I signed you up to write a blog and exercise 3 times a week. Exercise … I have heard that term before, somewhere back about 6 1/2 years ago before we started having little E’s. Oh yah that’s right, it involves physical activity other then moving my mouse around or walking from my car to my cubical. Of course being distracted by how I was going to fit this into my roughly 50h work week and busy home life, meant I overlooked the “write a blog post” piece.

So here I am at 10:43pm on a Friday night after the E’s are fast asleep, trying to figure out how to proceed. So far, so good … mostly, of course I still haven’t hit my target topic. So here goes …

As you may have heard (or read above) we are a slightly busy family, so finding that little bit of extra energy or health booster is very important. If you’re a parent who has gone through those first few winters with young children being sick (one after the other, followed by yourself) you understand how important it is to ensure you care for your own health so you can care for your family. If you’re not a parent, well you will just have to trust me and my experience with four little E’s.

All the above is why I take vitamins – a preventative health measure and to give my body that little extra edge. I especially like to take essential fatty oils as I find they help my cognitive abilities, I lean towards the mentally distracted end of ADD so this is a big help. I even find that if I skip a day or two taking these vitamins that I end up feeling sluggish and mentally tired much faster.

As for exercise, I would consider myself to be healthy but not as active as I would like. In years past (sometimes feels like a lifetime ago), I was very active so I do welcome the little extra push this challenge will bring to July and August! Of course the fact that these new vitamins I am testing are gummies makes it all the nicer – the flavour is great and it does make your inner kid look forward to taking them each morning.

You can find out more details about these and other products that Adult Essentials makes from the URLs below.

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