Duct Tape Wallet Project

So it’s a crazy hot Sunday after and the kids are a little squirrely and Mama needs to take E4 to the clinic … what to do? Waaaaaait a minute, earlier that morning the kids where watching Artzooka (which they absolutely love) and of course our friend Jeremy (the overly energetic host) completed a project that E1 & E2 where asking to work on.

The words WHY NOT momentarily jumped across my obviously misfiring synapses, which of course lead me to vocalize such thoughts. Nano seconds later the kids were in and I was committed. Instead of going full bore with the expensive coloured duct tape we grabbed some cheaper, but still colorful ,electrical tape to decorate the plainer grey duct tape.

The steps are pretty straight forward:

  1. Cut some paper in half
  2. Fold the paper in 3 sections
    1. The first section needs to be about 1″ in depth
    2. The second and third section should split the rest of the space
  3. Cover the paper with strips of duct tape
  4. To finish off I overlapped the last strip in order to seal the paper. In order to do this you can see in the picture below that you need to trim a little.
  5. After the paper is covered with duct tape you can move on to decorating with the electrical tape
  6. After the inside is complete you need to fold the second row and tape the edges to shut the wallet. This is the step that creates the pouch in the wallet.

Finally we reach the fun stage for the kids where they can create whatever designs they want with the electric tape. The older ones even enjoyed cutting their own strips of tape.

For a little extra flare we used Mama’s labeller to personalize each of the wallets. Of course E3 wanted to the train design as shown on the screen.

The kids had a blast with this project (as seen below) and it’s a rather simple one to setup and complete. Thank you Jeremy and Artzooka!

Here is a good picture of how the pouch comes together.

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