Antique Desk Refurbish

Goose’s employer has an internal, online classified ad system.  One day, earlier this summer, he found an antique desk.  It had been sitting in a fellow employee’s garage, taking up (considerable) space.


It was in pretty rough shape.  Built by the Preston Furniture Company, it was definitely built to last.  The Preston Furniture company specialized in office and school furniture.  However, it was clearly a diamond in the rough, and for $110, including an antique treadle sewing machine, we were game to give it a try.


The shelf on the left pulls straight out and up.  It appears to have been designed to hold either a typewriter or some type of adding machine.  On the left is a slide out writing surface, complete with glass insert.  Each of the three right hand drawers has different types of dividers, designed to keep documents neat and organized.


It took Goose a VERY long time to get everything sanded down.


The drawers, with their dove-tailed craftsmanship and build-in file sorters.


E3 is all about helping daddy on these types of projects.


After what felt like several thousand hours and several dozen sanding pads later, finally done.


These feet, if you can believe it, are real brass.  After so many years of continuous use, it is almost impossible to tell.  One of them is missing.  One of these days, we will get a piece of brass plate and bend it into shape.


This thing is a brute to move.  Tipping it to this position was just about all Goose and I could do.


This is as much tarnish as I was able to get off for now.  I swear I gave myself carpal tunnel polishing the brass pieces.


With the help of a construction worker neighbour, it has been moved into our front room.  Where it will never leave.  It is just too gosh darn heavy.


The pull out tray now houses our WiFi printer, with space underneath to hold extra paper reams.


I put this together from a few finds at Winners.  The bottle vase may have originally had a lid.  It appears to have gotten lost and won this beauty a trip to the clearance rack, where it was marked down to $8.  The flower arrangement I shelled out full price for – twelve bucks.


The clock is a HomeSense find.  Thirty dollars for this, I believe.  What Goose is really Jonesin’ for is an old IBM clock.  One of these days, Kijiji will have one, I just know it.  On the walls, Benjamin More CC-510 ‘Buckhorn’.


Winners strikes again. I can’t say that I am over the moon about the saying printed on the inside of the try, but with my paperwork habits, who will ever know that someone decided ‘if you’re happy and you know it clap you hands’ is printed in there?  Desk pad – Staples.  Social media relevant Saturday cartoons – all my doing.


I am now on the hunt for an antique wooden office chair.  For now, we are using an extra kitchen chair.

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