Sock Monkey Tutorial with Pictures #DIY

This weekend, we will celebrate nephew’s fifth birthday, as well as Thanksgiving.  Right now, his world revolves around Curious George.  The world being a little short on Curious George paraphernalia right now, Auntie M decided to make him a sock monkey.


To begin, you will need a pair of socks, some stuffing, and a pair of buttons.  Turn both socks inside out.  Place one sock, heel side up, and draw a line down the middle.  Begin at the toe and stop just about an inch from the coloured heel.


Sew a stitch up one side and back down the other side of the line.


Cut down the line you have drawn, between the two stitched lines.  Now, you have the monkey’s legs.


Carefully stuff the entire sock.  Go slowly – lumps will become really evident.


Mould the stuffing to make a neck and head for the monkey.  Using a needle and heavy thread, stitch all the way around and draw the thread tight.


Sock monkey is getting closer to being a real toy!


Take your needle and thread again.  Using a loose stitch, sew around the top of the sock and pull it tight.  The monkey now has a hat.


On the second sock, trace out the ears, arms, tail, and muzzle.


Leave the pieces inside out.  Sew the arms and tail, leaving the end open for stuffing.  Cut the bottom (straight) part of each ear.  Stitch around the curve.


Turn the pieces right side out and stuff them.


Stitch the tail onto the ‘heel’ of the monkey body.  Mark each side of the body and stitch on the arms.  To keep the pieces from fraying, tuck the ends under as you stitch.


I didn’t take enough pictures of this stage, so I will attempt to explain it as best as possible. Taking the second heel/muzzle, position it on the monkey’s face, right side out.  Holding it in place on the bottom, pull the top of the muzzle down toward the monkey’s neck.  Tuck the edge of the muzzle under and stitch the bottom half in place.  Stuff the muzzle light, pull it back up into place on the monkey’s face, and stitch it into place.


Mark out on each side of the head and then stitch them in place.  Sew on a pair of eyes and your monkey is ready to play!


George, or whatever his name will be, is ready to be loved.  I was able to complete this in just under two hours.  Not bad when you consider they sell in the stores for $25-$30.  Locating the socks was my biggest struggle.  When I finally located them, they set me back a whopping $5.99.  Regular coloured work socks were more readily available for an astronomical $2.99

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