Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Hallowe’en Treats

Hallowe’en is coming in only a few short days.  Our kids have a countdown going on in anticipation of the big day.  To help keep my little ones occupied, Kellogg’s sent us a creativity kit.


Beginning with your basic Kellogg’s Rice Krispie squares recipe, melt about 40 full size marshmallows or one regular size bag of minis.



Some butter

Melted Marshmallows

Melted in 30 second intervals in the microwave then stirred up real good.  Add a shot of vanilla and 6 cups of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and mix well.


Rice Krispie Mixture


Turn the mixture out onto a non-stick surface.  I use my Roul-Pat, but a wax paper lined cookie sheet would also work.    Alternately, you could spray or butter a cookie sheet.


Kids flattening Rice Krispies

Using a sheet of wax paper, press the Rice Krispies to about an inch thickness.  Here’s a great point to get the kids involved.  Let them smash and smush and work out the day’s frustrations.


E2 Flattening Rice Krispies

E2 definitely got into the spirit of the activity.

Flattened Rice Krispies

To make sure the mixture was of a somewhat even consistency, I finished off the flattening with a rolling pin.  Then peel away the wax paper and allow the mixture to set.  Because of the lateness of the hour, we actually let our sit overnight.


Cutting Out Rice Krispies Shapes

Now for the exciting part.  Break out the Hallowe’en themed cookie cutters and cut away.  This part will probably require a little adult assistance to make sure the cookie cutters make it all the way to the bottom and the shape comes out properly.



Now – to decorate.  Small tubes of gel icing, Hallowe’en inspired candies, bubble gum tape, whatever strikes your fancy.  This is artwork after all – no holds barred!


Boy Decorating Rice Krispies treats

Each of the three eldest kids got to decorate and embellish to their heart’s content.


Small Boy Decorating Rice Krispies

Concentrating very hard on the task at hand.






Hallowe'en Rice Krispie Treats



Decorated Rice Krispies Treats

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